Hash Ball & Hash Erections 2007

Hash Ball 2007

February 24, 2007

2007 Attendees: Lower Wack-off, Too Loose to Screw, Flying Hooters, Two-tickets to a pair a Thighs, Smell This, Hooked on Tonics, Milk my Yak, Barks on all Fours, Nuttin Bitch, CP, Batteries not Included, Calvin Klein, Spotted Cock, Ballsalotapus, Chicken Stiffer, Odor Eater, Rotten Whore, Erect da Red, Mount me Puh-leeze, Coffee, Tea or Me, Just Lou, Mount Schwinga, Sugar Nipples, Lifa, Princess Labia, Magnetic Muff, Rear Loader, Mud Sucker, Pardon my Flaps, Its Too Soft, Cum in my Assfault, and Virtully Hung.

Well Hash Ball really began at 7:30 pm damn that GM for telling you all 7 pm but with the bad weather I’ll bet most of you were happy with the extra 1/2 hour warning. The Ball went very well and major thanks go out to Odor Eater for the entertainment and Rotten Whore for organizing the event. We had 33 brave Hashers make it out this blizzard of night to be present and accounted for the Chicago Hash Harriers award night and GM election. The hash enjoyed tasty food and plenty of beer someone made out like a bandit and took home a pan full of leftover chicken and pasta. I wish I had a car to drive it home!!!

The Awards were handed out and the winners were:

Best Trail of 2006 – Calvin and Batteries for their Yucca Dance in Lincoln Park.
Worst Trail of 2006 – Ez on the Ass for his trail crossing jailbreak hash.
Best On-In – The Memorial Day Hash at Virgin Bangers and Rent-a-Virgin, with Peterbilt, Smell this, and Calvin Klein.
Front Running Bastard – Happy Ass Grabber
Front Running Bimbo – Flying Hooters
Best Beer Stop – Rear Loader and Horn-E for their 8-beer stop Trail.
Non-Running Wussy – Smell This
Hash Bimbo – Magnetic Muff and her naked hashes
Hash Wanker – Ez on the Ass for paying hash cash in Chinese money
Hash Shit – Mudsucker for gas beer at the Southside parade
Hash Couple – Mount Me Puh leeze and Coffee, Tea or Me
Bill January Award – Boner Malfunction

GOLD WHISTLE AWARD – Its too Soft for going above and beyond the call of hash Duty

And The NEW GM is the OLD GM– Chicken Stiffer

Hash Ball Wound down around Midnight and the hashers trekked through the blizzard of 2007 to get home or to the next bar. One side note was that LIFA missed his train downtown and had to stay at the GM’s house overnight, poor Lifa.

Chicken Stiffer

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