Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1451

The Chicago Hash 8/14/06 by Horn-E

We had a late announcement for this hash because of no hare. Please volunteer folks. You Got My Rod came out of nowhere and volunteered to hare from the Lake Shore Grill. We had a dozen hashers as we circled up. Our trail headed south to the river and then west to a split. Chicken Stiffer went south. Bye.

The trail went west and up to the upper lever at Michigan. We then headed through Illinois Center to a check. Meanwhile Chicken Stiffer was paying the most severe penalty that us ranging hashers face. He came out of the lower levels at Michigan Ave and headed west, way off course. He eventually found the On In marks and ended up following the trail backwards.

At our first check, Fiddle Tits found the trail heading south towards Millennium Park and a split at Randolph. She went east, I went west and I was On, across Michigan and then the marks disappeared. They were washing the sidewalks. I headed west to State with Sperm Bank. Eventually the hare arrived and helped the small lead pack back to the trail. I was off around a construction site and I eventually got back on trail and caught the pack at Madison and Clark at a check. Magnetic Muff was standing around checking out the local traffic. I followed Lower Wackoff west and eventually I saw Boner Malfunction ahead. Where did he come from? The last time I saw him he was a block off course at the first check. Sneaky bastard. We came to a check at Wacker and Washington. I went south and stumbled onto marks coming from the west. I tried to signal the pack, but they were out of site. So I followed the marks to the Franklin St. Bridge, over the river and into the lower levels. Suddenly Chicken Stiffer was there. We ran a few more blocks and suddenly Its Too Soft was running with Chicken Stiffer. They followed the trail while I kept trying to parallel them and eventually I found marks, lost marks and struggled on in. A short time later others started to arrive in little groups. Actually a good trail, that got screwed up a few times.

Eventually Chicken Stiffer led us in a short circle. This was good, because the beer price was higher then normal. Good beer. Good view and our last time at this location. Damn construction.

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