Mismanagement Highlights

Highlights from the 8/13/2006 Mismanagement Meeting:

Thanks to all of those people who showed up or submitted information.
Present: Chicken Stiffer-GM, Calvin Klein-RA, It’s too Soft- WEB master, Mount Me Pulezee, Coffee, Tea or Me, Peter Built, Horn-E, Batteries Not Included, CP, Boner Malfunction, Cums in My Assfault, and Shiggy Piggy Gang Bang.

1. After yesterdays meeting the CH3 has $1094 in the bank.
2. CH3 is asking for money from the other Chicago hashes to offset the cost of the $240/year phone line we run. TH3, BDH, and MH pay $72/year, SCH3 pay $24/year, and CFMH, FCMH pay $24/ year. Roughly this is a $1 per hash announcement charge. THANKS PB for running the phone line.

1. $250 budgeted for a recruitment hash will be given to POP.
2. A day will be chosen in September or October when anyone bringing a virgin will not have to pay hash cash.

Hare Raiser- Rearloader
1. Rearloader continues to do a commendable job but we can help him out by volunteering to be a hare, and finding venues that have beer specials. If your stuck try this website http://www.drinktown.com/chicago.html to find a bar.

1. We will check into the cost of Ladies t-shirts and tanks.
2. People would like a new design but we need someone to step up and create something.
3. We have 6 XL of the current blue Chicago H3 shirts left

1. POP is under the CH3 family umbrella it is not a separate event.
2. POP must include the GM in its budget planning in the future. This way POP can know how much $$$$ support they are going to get for their event.
3. CH3 is offering $250 to POP at this time to offset the cost of this years event.
This money is coming out of the recruitment hash portion of CH3 budget.

1. Calvin wants to introduce one new song to the hash a month so please learn it.

1469/Anthrax DECEMBER 16, 2006 around 3:00 pm.

1. T-shirt design needed for the Front.
2. Keep cost in the $20-30 range for 4 hours of beer, wine, and food.
3. Need a design for Lanyard tag.

Chicken Stiffer

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