GM Erection Results 2006

Y’all missed a great hash ball! Here’s what I remember of the

Best Picture: Crash (just kidding)

GM: Chicken Stiffer (be careful what you wish for), albeit Boner
made a suprising last minute rally. Mudsucker write-in votes were
also surprisingly not uncommon.

Best Trail: Anthr@x (I think the free t-shirts, the hazmat suits and
the on-in really helped).

Worst Trail: Sugar Nipples/2Tix – this came as a surprise to no one
in the Motion Picture Academy. This one won by the highest margin of
any voting category. Something for hares to aspire to in 2006!

Best On-In: VB’s Memorial Day (he needs to thank Boner for making
this an especially memorable Memorial Day)

FRB: Happy A$$ Grabber. We need to put Wauksha’s FRB Chain on this
man. That or a 15-yard construction dumpster.

FR Beeeatch: I believe it was Flying Hooters

DFL: Red Snapper? I think she is still trying to qualify for Boston.

Nonrunner: Peterbilt (but the Michelin Guide and Zagat’s give his
trails five stars each)

Bimbo: Too close to call, 2 Handed Stroke? Literally last count
these bimbos were separated by like two votes total

Wanker: scion of Chicago law enforcement, EZ On The A$$

Hash$hit: I think Meister for the shoes dealio

Hash Couple: Boner/Muff (like this was ever in doubt? Altho Mount
Me/Coffee gave them a surprisingly good run for their money)

Bill January: Boner (complete with engraved plaque). He already has
started his 2007 GM campaign with a large donation from Jack

I was drinking a bit that night so feel free to post corrections.
Recently escaped ex-GM TooLoose has the official list.

Party on on,