Hash Erections Results 2005

Below I’ve listed the Award Winners for all to see!

I really hate that we had to rush through the awards so quickly as I would’ve liked for everyone to get their due recognition, but we were having so much fun socializing in the beginning of the night that we ran very short on time.

Please recognize the following peeps in whatever manner you see fit;

Best Trail – HornE’s Forest Preserve through the River (HornE)
Worst Trail – CP and Too Loose’s “Wrong Treasure Island” Memorial Day Hash
Best Themed Hash – 3rd Annual Anthrax Hash (It’s Too Soft and J. Paul & Chicken Stiffer)
Best Beer Stop – POP’s “Christmas in May” – costumes, jello shots, etc. (The 2005 Pussies)
Best On-In – Christmas Boxer Shorts Hash Chili Party (Too Loose, J. Michelle, Lower Wackoff)
Hash Couple – Calvin Klein and Smell This
Hash Bimbo – Calvin Klein (for always hashing topless)
FRB – Woody WoodWhacker
DFL – Red Snapper
Hash Wanker – Smell This (for general, constant drunkenness and showing up only after hashes)
Hash Shit – Smell This (see above)
Bill January – Stupid Man

Thanks Again to All!!!!

Too Loose