Mismanagement Meeting

Tonight’s MM Mtg will be held at the Holdiay Club on Sheridan at 8pm.

I’ll buy pizza, and we’ll get some beer rolling. Stop by, share a
drink with friends, and contribute some input to YOUR HASH!!!!

It’s really important that “newbies” start to work their way into
our MM team so that we same ‘ole, stale folk have new blood in the

Here’re a few of the items on the agenda for tonight;

– Current Finances
– PAWS Aide Station
– Marathon Beer Stop
– Winter Habadashery
– Introduce new MM position – Virgin Master!
– Discuss Co-GM’s for next election
– Hash Ball Committee – needs to start forming

See you tonight!

Too Loose

Mismanagement Meeting

Hey Gang –

We’ll be holding a mismanagement meeting this upcoming Sunday, April 17th at
noon. The location will be the hash venue, which I believe is the Hollywood
Club on Sheridan, but stay tuned for confirmation on that.

Anybody interested in attending, and having your voice heard, is welcome and

I will forward an agenda for the meeting in the next couple of days.


Too Loose

Recruiting and Retention Meeting


R & R meeting

The Recruiting and Retention committee is having a brainstorming session on Saturday, October 18 at 3:00 pm at the Whorehouse (Rott’n Whore’s house) located at —-. The committee will talk about all of the fun crap that we’re gonna do in the upcoming year to get cool people to hash and fun people to come back such as team racing and virgin protection. Please, please, please call Rott’n Whore at 312-226-1667 if you would like to attend so that she can get an accurate head count. Who said head? Some refreshments will be provided and we can watch the first game of Cubs vs. Red Sox World Series at 7:05 pm on RWs big screen tv.

Mismanagement Meeting


Mismanagement Meeting

It’s finally here!! The first MisManagement meeting under your new GM Mudsucker (what, you thought it was still Good Swallow?? Where’ve you been?). All are welcome; come out to help, bitch, listen, give ideas, or just meet your new GM. The venue is the fabulously BYOB Privata Cafe (reasonable Mex-Italian food, $10-15 will more than cover you). If you don’t have time to bring your own six-er, there are liquor stores nearby; parking is adequate. Oh, and Privata is at 1938 W Chicago, which is steps east of Damen & Chicago (take the Chicago bus from the Blue Line, or the Damen bus from the Blue Line). Topics: We will discuss haberdash (the T-Shirt & promo item thing), an award concept (something for completing 10, 25 and 100 hashes, maybe even a thousand for someone like HornE), hash ball (should it be in the fall, how much cost, etc), web site (want to activate the ability of everyone to control their own information through the web site, etc), recruiting, retention, other event ideas, and so on. I am also looking for people to help out. We want many people to do a little, bit rather than a couple of people doing everything.