Anthrax Hoodie Re-Order

Hello miscreants!

Were you a damned fool who missed out on the amazing Anthrax hoodies? Were you one of those annoying son of a bitches who bothered me all day during Anthrax while I was trying to run everything else? Are you a total asshole?

Well urine luck! Because I’m going to take orders for more of those goddamned hoodies. You saw how fucking nice they were, don’t fuck up again, order a fucking hoodie.

See Photo below of the hoodie and just how cool you could look accusing some random schmuck during circle.

Just fill out this fucking form:

Gimme $35 of your electronic scrilla:

Depending on how many people from kennels order, we may work out a shipping plan, but that shit ain’t cheap and I don’t work at the Post Office so you bitches will have to pay for it. Add notes on how you’d like to get this big old package in the comments.

Get to it because this is the last time I order this shit.

Leave me alone,