Run to Remember Beer Stop 2011

Event: Run to Remember 5K. Benefits the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation

Date: Saturday, April 30th

Assignment: Beverage Station at “halfway” point on course

Location: Lakefront Running Path, at Monroe Street

The Beverage Station will be located on the concrete path that runs along the Lakefront, south of the Chicago Yacht Club at Monroe Harbor.on Lakefront. Remember – this is the Chicago Yacht Club – not the Columbia Yacht Club (the big “ship”)…..

All materials will be at the Site when we arrive.


– Plan to be “On Site” at the Beverage Station by 6:30 a.m.

– We will start pouring 5,000 cups of water and other hydration fluids upon arrival.

– Race starts at 8:00 a.m. sharp

– Last Participants pass Beverage Station by approximately 9:00 a.m.

– Clean up discarded cups, etc. as soon as “pack” thins out….

Parking: If you are planning on driving, there is no parking at Monroe Harbor. The East Monroe Underground Parking lot would be the closest Park District lot. There will be free parking for all Run to Remember volunteers at the Waldron Parking Structure (south of Soldier Field). However, keep in mind that this lot is about 2 miles away from the Beverage Station. So, if you use this lot, allow for time to walk 2 miles to our location.

Post-race party: At Finish Line Area, Soldier Field, Gold Star Families Memorial and Park.

Post-Post-race party (if you want to get hammered with the cops after we all leave Soldier Field…..): TBA, but probably someplace like Stanley’s

SWAG: All Volunteers get a Run to Remember Volunteer T-shirt (great apparel to be wearing if you are spotted weaving in traffic in the middle of the night). If you can confirm to me before Friday that you are coming, and give me your shirt size, I’ll bring shirts with me to the Beverage Station.

I will sign-off on community service hours, for any of you who need them……

Although I’m sure we could pull it off with fewer, I would really like to have about 20 volunteers, so we can do it comfortably. Please let me know as soon as you can if you are in.

Thank you and on-on,


Run to Remember 2009

Hey Wankers, I know it’s REALLY last minute, but I’m asking for volunteers to join me tomorrow morning, Saturday May 2nd outside the Chicago Yacht Club manning the water/beer stop for the Chicago Police Department Run to Remember.

We already seem to have a good track record with Chicago law enforcement after getting off the hook with an anthrax scare, but this is a great opportunity to maintain our good standing – I hope. I think I should clarify that there will be free beer for all the hashers – who volunteer. When was the las time the cops offered you beer?

The race starts at 8:00, so we’ll need to be there absolutely no later than that. I plan to get there by 7am to make sure the keg is well cared for. The water/beer stop will be outside the Harbor Master’s office at Monroe Harbor. Thats the East side of Lakeshore Drive at Monroe. All we need to do is stand around, look pretty, and distribute beverages.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please email me back at erin.go.buff@… or call my cell 808-349-8874

I’m trying to get 6 to 10 people to run this show. Please let me know as soon as possible, because if you fat lazy bastards don’t man-up, I’m gonna have to start asking civilians! Don’t forget, FREE BEER.


Erin Go Buff

Run to Remember 2007


Who: Calling All Hashers!

What: Run to Remember 5K – Beverage Station

When: Saturday, May 5th, 2007. Report at 6:00 a.m. (okay, I’ll accept hash time from some of you …..), but the Race starts at 8:00 a.m., and it’s only a 5K. The first runners will reach us about 7 1/2 or 8 minutes after the gun. So we have to be ready, and have enough liquid refreshment poured for up to 2,500 participants.

Where: First, go to Gold Star Families Memorial & Park, immediately east of Soldier Field. Parking will be free at the Soldier Field Waldron Deck (i.e. the parking structure just south of Soldier Field). Report to the Volunteer Check-in Tent. Get checked in, and get your volunteer t-shirt (a keepsake you will treasure for years to come….) Stash your volunteer t-shirt somewhere, and put on your hash shirts.

From there you will go to Monroe Harbor, at (duh) Monroe Street). We will set up just south of the Yacht Club. where the runners will pass us heading south on the concrete path along the water.

Why: Because the Cops love us (for some reason….).

Start your Cinco de Mayo off right – with Cervesa! We need a few able-bodied men and women to help the hashers who have already signed up Since I can’t find any, I’m asking for more hashers….. We will pour Smart Water and ….. “smarter water”….. to serve the runners and protect them from de-hydration. Yes, that’s our job – “to serve and protect”….

This is a great opportunity to promote the Hash to the men and women in blue, and let them know that “we aren’t all that bad, either”… (Thanks, Mount Me….)

Really, the cops love us and really want us there. They consider us part of the event…..

Let me know that you will join us at:
[email protected], or
[email protected], or
[email protected], or
[email protected], or
(708) 386-4660, or
(917) 318-4945, or
carrier pigeon, or
a note tied to a rock thrown through the window, or
banner tied to the back of a bi-plane, or
any other creative ideas that you may have.

Thank you, and On-on,


Run to Remember 2006

Second Annual Chicago Police Memorial Foundation Run to Remember 5K

We need Volunteers!!!

Who: Request to All Chicago Area Hashers
What: Staff “Beverage” Station at the Second Annual Run to Remember 5K
When: Saturday, May 6th, 2006. Report for duty at 7:00 a.m. to set up “Beverage” Station. Run/walk begins at 8:00 a.m.
Where: Halfway through the 5K course which starts and finishes at Gold Star Family Park just east of Soldier Field (i.e.: same place as last year)
Why: To show our support for the Chicago Police Department. The Run to Remember 5K benefits the Chicago Police Department Memorial Foundation. The Foundation provides support and assistance to the families of Chicago Police Officers who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, ensuring that they will always be remembered and their needs are never forgotten. Run to Remember Website:
To sign up to volunteer: send an e-mail to Ballsalotapus at [email protected] with your name (Hash and Nerd), address and phone number.

We need runners too! You can register online at:

We need a big turnout of volunteers to man the “Beverage” Station, and a phalanx of Hashers to tour the course like we had last year. Dress like Hashers, act like Hashers, drink like Hashers!!! (Oops, who said that? I didn’t hear anything – did you???). I know this is hard to believe, but, incredibly, these guys actually like us, and want us to be there in a big way, and to be who we are. The race directors have lined up many food sponsors, and have promised this to be one the most unhealthiest races of the year. Please join us to promote the Hash with Chicago’s Finest. Thank you and On-on,


Run to Remember Beer Stop 2005



Hey Gang –

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! And support one of our very own hashers, Mount Me Puh-leeze!

We’ve got a really important hash-related event coming up on Saturday, April 30th. The Chicago Police Department is holding their inaugural “Run to Remember” that morning on behalf of those Chicago police officers who have died protecting us and our city.

Info. and registration;

It is important that we have a large hasher turn out for this!!!!! We need you both as participants in the race and as volunteers!!!! Obviously, the more hasher presence we have that morning, the better “in” we will have with CPD, and the better chance we have later in getting beer to marathon beer stops, etc. etc. etc.

Ballsalotapus has done a wonderful job in opening communication up with the race director/coordinator Rhonda who, while she couldn’t actually get us beer along the route, is working to have some type of on-after with beer! (note that this was not in the plans ’til Balls got involved!)

Rover (Water Stop God) and I will be coordinating an AID Station for this event, so stay tuned to get involved!

Again, if you don’t want to participate as a racist, then PLEASE PLEASE help out with the AID Station!

Thanks! And ON-ON to good relations with the CPD!!!

Too Loose

Volunteer Opportunity at the Run to Remember by Bend Over Rover


Please send me an email at [email protected] if you would like to volunteer for the aid station (or in another way) at the Run to Remember.

(We had about five people express an interest on Sunday, the MORE THE MERRIER!!)

A little info:

When: Saturday, 30 April 2004,
Where: near Soldier Field,
Time: volunteer start time will probably be around 7:00am, Race starts at 8:35


The Hash House Harriers are being given an aid station and there will be a FREE BEER PARTY for the volunteers following the race. The water stop will be very easy to manage because there is only water and there are two of them.

Please let me know if you want to help, there is a lot of win/win situations that could come of this in the terms of recruiting, would not be bad to have some more police officers on the hash. Please show your support to the men and women that protect your freedoms.

Cheers and OnOn!!

Bend Over Rover
RA Chicago H3

WANTED: Religious Advisor for the Chicago Hash House Harriers