CH3 #1317

Sunday, January 25th
2:00 pm

Annual Chinese New Year / Chicago #1317

Hare(s): Ballsalotapuss and Bend Over Rover

Starting Venue: Inn-Between, 733 W 26th St. in Chicago View Map

Directions / Other Details: Are you a goat, a baboon, or a monkey? Maybe just an ass. Find out at the Chinese New Year hash in . . . Chinatown.

CH3 #1313


Chicago Hash # 1313

Event: CHHH Hash 1313
Date: Sunday Dec 28th, 7:00
Venue: Filonek’s Tavern, 6213 N. Milwaukee Avenue (773-775-5010)
Hares: No Penetration, and virgin TBD (If you haven’t hared before, and would like to learn to set a trail email back to co-hare with this VERY experienced hare). The last Sunday Hash of the Year 2003 (or in the Chinese Lunar Year 4700 – Year of the Goat) is on December 28th at 3:00pm.The venue is FILONEK’S TAVERN in the city of Big Shoulders, Bigger Shoulder Pads and even Bigger Dandruff Flakes. $5 pitchers of domestic MGD and Lite will keep us hydrated. The Bears are in Kansas City for a noon start that day.
Directions: From the Jefferson Park Blue Line Station, head (who said Head) north on Milwaukee Avenue via the #56A bus to the bar. If you’re driving, follow that bus. Parking is allowed across the street from the bar in the bank parking lot. Bring shoes to play in the possible shiggy. No Penetration is looking for a virgin to help set the hash – he promises it will be quick and painless.

CH3 #1310


Chicago Hash #1310 Post Pearl Harbor Day Hash

Event: Post Pearl Harbor Day Hash
Date: Sunday December 7th, 3:00pm
Venue: Schiller Woods North. From Irving Pk (4000N) & Cumberland (8400W)
Hare: Horn-E (with Meister helping out which makes him a co-hare) Work off that Pearl Harbor Hangover with a hash that starts late afternoon (giving you plenty of time to rest, or get back from Waukesha). Great forest preserve trail from an experienced hare who knows how to get in-and-out (of a forest). GM promises great weather.