CH3 #1388

Monday 6/30/2005 @ 2PM
Chicago Run # 1388

Hare(s): Too Loose To Screw and Nuttin’ B!tch
Venue: Weed’s at 1555 N. Dayton St. (312) 943-7815

It’s time to get your 15 minutes of fame!!!! We’ve got a camera crew from Metromix/Tribune coming to visit our hash on Monday, June 6th!!!

Time to get all gussied up, put some deodorant on, comb your hair, and put on a big smile!

For our special event, we’re gonna hash out of one of our very favorite bars who always shows us a good time….yep, it’s WEEDS!

Be sure to be there on the 6th!!!

This’ll be one of the many media opportunities your mismangament has planned for you throughout the upcoming year, so be sure to c’mon out and support your hash!

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