CH3 #2151

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run # 2151

Saturday, March 31, 2018, 2 PM

Venue: A-to-B run from Small Cheval – 1732 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Hares: Little Trojan Annie, WJew-40 and a Mystery Hare
Hash Cash: $8
Event: Pre-Easter Run
Theme: To be announced shortly

From the hares: Trojan Jew will provide themed food and booze. People are invited bring pot-luck style snacks to share. Your bag will by magically transported from A to B.

Shamrock Shuffle Beer in a Box – 2018 Edition!

Shamrock Shuffle Beer in a Box – 2018 Edition!

What: Our effort to make sure none of the 25,000 free drink tickets goes unused. If you see someone wearing a race bib leaving the finish area, tell them what a great athlete they are and how cute their kids are. Then ask them for their beer tickets! You will have your pockets full in no time.

When: Sunday, March 25th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, prior to our regular hash run at 2:00 PM. Hash run starts at Weather Mark Tavern – 1503 S. Michigan Ave.

Where: In the post-race party area of the Shamrock Shuffle 8K race. Hashers gather on the north side of Buckingham Fountain.

From the GM: How many drink tickets can Drill gather this year? Will our tower of empty vessels reach the moon? Exactly how much Michelob Ultra is too much? And how is this still allowed to happen?! Join us after some overenthusiastic types are done with their race to find out!

Chicago Hash House Harriers Hash Ball 2018

Chicago Hash House Harriers Hash Ball 2018
Saturday, February 24 – 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM

Venue: Stanley’s Kitchen – 1970 N. Lincoln Ave.
Hash Cash: $45 in advance, $50 at the door
Theme: Animal Planet

It’s that time of year again for Furry to black out under some coats, I mean Hash Ball! We’ll be revealing the results of our most recent Hash Erections and, most importantly, transferring all responsibilities to Gay Dancer (please dear god). So if you’ve been nominated you should make the extra effort to attend just in case you win.

This year’s theme is Animal Planet, because you animals smell like a zoo and fuck like rabbits. So come dress up as an animal in your favorite onesie/costume or as a creepy dude taking pictures in the wild. Many doggy style jokes to be made.

Your cash will get you three hours of beers and mixed drinks (7PM-10PM), as well as Stanley’s popular food in the form of Mini Stanburgers, Chicken Tenders, Flatbread Pizza, and Mac & Cheese.

Rego Form Here:

Pay dat Bitcoin Here (Friends and Family):