Anthrax 2021! (CH3 #2335, 2336, 2337)

Anthrax 2021 rego is now live! Here are a few things you should know!

The cost is currently $110. This will be covering 3 days (Dec 3-5) of trails, food, drinks, swag, men in speedo’s and fun! You have until October 1 at this price before it jumps up.

Visitors, we will not be organizing crash space this year.

Two of the three venues have been secured and they are all within a few miles of each other so I encourage you to look into Airbnb’s near the venue (Michelle’s Ballroom). Neighborhoods to look at are Avondale, Roscoe Village and Lakeview. If you know a Chicago hasher please feel free to arrange something with them!

Vaccines are MANDATORY! You will be asked to provide some sort of proof at check in (photo on a phone is fine).

IF YOU REGO’D FOR 2020 and did not ask for a refund, thanks! You made Soul Taco’s life a little easier. For that you get your $20 applied and an extra $10 off. This will be automatically taken from your total at the end of your rego so long as you provide your name the way you gave it last year (thank you Feather) any issues message me.

Expect the usual line-up of events: Friday night prelube run, Saturday main event runs and Sunday hangover (Manthrax) run. Full details will be provided at a later date.


* Should we have to cancel the event I am confident we will be able to provide refunds. No refunds for anything but COVID lockdown or pregnancy!

Rego here!