CH3 Website Failure


Some time during the night of Dec 14 or during the early morning hours of December 15, the server hosting the Chicago Hash House Harriers website became corrupt and failed. While mismanagement was able to get a temporary website up and running quickly before that weekend’s Anthrax event, a good deal of the content on the Chicago Hash House Harrier’s website was not properly backed up and was lost. Through the excellent record-keeping of fellow hashers as well as cached copies of the website found through Google, all of the posts that follow have been re-created, though much of their formatting and graphics have been dropped in order to keep with new, sleeker, re-design. We apologize if information that you are looking for has been lost, and we’re taking every precaution to make sure that this does not happen again going forward.

Chicago Hash House Harriers Mismanagement Team

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