CH3 #2057

Chicago HHH #2057 – Monday 9/12 – 7:00 PM
Hares: Fetus Envy
Venue: Waterhouse – 3407 N. Paulina
Hash Cash: $8

From da Hares: Sorry my last trail was so shitty, I promise this one won’t suck as much. Consider this my “Redemption Hash.”

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit
From Lincoln Park/Lakeview: Hop on the Brown Line going towards Kimball. Exit the Brown Line at Paulina and the bar is right there. Seriously. (Approx. 5 min)

From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Grab the 50 Damen bus going north. Exit the bus at Roscoe and hoof it two blocks east to Paulina and the bar. (Approx. 30 min)

Hop in your hooptie and cruise to Paulina, Roscoe, and Lincoln.

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