CH3 #1848

Chicago HHH Run #1848
Monday 6/10 – 7:00 PM
Hares: Drill In My Box and mystery cohare(s)
Venue: F.O’Mahony’s – 3701 N. Broadway
Hash Cash: $8

From da GM: Keep in mind there is a Cubs game starting at 7pm this night, so give yourself extra commute time. Also, Chipendale is stuck in San Diego and can’t hare, heaven help anyone who gets stuck in a whale’s vagina.

From da Hares: This will be an A-to-B trail. Its my birthday! Bring me down-downs!

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit

From Lincoln Park/Lakeview: Grab the 8 Halsted bus and ride that sucker north to the end of the line. Bar is on the corner of Broadway and Waveland, across the street from the bus turnaround.

From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Take the 50 Damen bus north to Addison and then transfer to the 152 Addison bus. Ride that sucker east over to Broadway and then hoof it a block north to Waveland and the bar.

Hop in your hooptie and cruise to Waveland and Broadway – good luck parking since there’s a Cubs night game.

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