CH3 #1753

Come out and help 10K Tika Ho turn another year older the best way possible – by getting her drunk!

Last year, she told us to cum in our birthday suits. This year, we’re going to class it up a bit. She requests that you dress as inappropriately as possible – which clearly means dressing in the most appropriate hash attire you have – your “bedroom best”

Prepare to form a love/hate relationship with the number “10” as this is the first time 10K and 10 Dix take on a trail together.

If you’ve run any of our trails before, prepare for a shitty trail. And, since 10 Dix is haring, prepare for even shittier weather.

Oh, and as always, please invite anyone we forgot.

They are opening the bar just for us and will be playing the bears game

Hash Cash: $8
Meet at 2pm, on out at 2:30
From da Hare: It’s my birthday!
From da GM: This one is at Weeds on Weeds, NOT Joe’s on Weeds. If you don’t know the difference between these two bars yet I’m going to rename you Donnie.
Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit 🙂
From Lincoln Park/Lakeview: Get on the Red Line and head towards the Loop. Exit at North & Clyborn. Walk South on Dayton one block and you’re there.
From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Take the 72 North Ave bus to North & Clyborn. Walk South on Dayton one block and you’re there.
Driving 🙁
Hop in your hooptie and cruise to Dayton & Weeds. Search for parking for the next three hours because there isn’t any.

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