Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1717

The Tale of the Trail
The Chicago Hash, 17 Apr 2011 by Horn-E

We met at the Two Way Lounge and our hares were R-Tard-E and Dark Side Of The Poon. We had 18 hounds at the start and we were joined by Happy Ass Grabber about five minutes into trail. And mid circle. Fistful Of Pricks joined us running the trail solo thanks to marked Checks. So a total of 20 hounds. We started to the north and the pack was moving fast. We had a Check at an alley just off of Kedzie Blvd. So where else would it go. North on the blvd. and then west of Logan Square. I went south and was now in catchup mode. Most of the day. After a block off of Logan Square, those damn hares pulled us into a loop through some alleys. Worked perfectly and I think the walkers, Beer Spill Valdez and Chunder Pussy were the only ones to catch it. Trail then headed south towards Fullerton and across. The walkers, now including SnatchSquatch were behind and I could see the front runners disappearing to the south. We finally caught them at a Check at Kedzie Blvd. Mostly a bunch of Check hangers, some FRBs were scattered about, but not finding anything. So Happy Ass Grabber headed south on Kedzie and Horn-E headed north each finding marks, but not enough. Horn-E eventually went a block west looking for marks and back through an alley only to spot the pack going the other way. Damn. Caught again. Damn. So Horn-E followed where he thought the pack went and eventually saw them in the distance at the east end of Palmer Square. Thankfully they were Checking and not getting anywhere. But as Horn-E approached, they were off and running again, south on Humboldt. In the distance Horn-E spotted the last of the pack, Happy Ass Grabber, entering a gangway. Just as he got there, he saw Happy Ass Grabber heading south. So just heading south, he finally got lucky as the pack was seen returning through another gangway and Horn-E led them south to Armitage and across the Blvd and a BN before the FRBs past him like he was standing still. Two blocks east and we went north to a Split. Sin Calzones and Soul Taco went east in the alley before the Split. Hmmm. Were they on to something. Turns out they were as this led two blocks to a back yard off of the alley. Meanwhile we headed the long way around on the street.
But there was beer. The sun was shinning, a ball was brought out and four square started. It was decided to hold our circle here before going back to the bar and more beer was purchased. Meanwhile an upstairs neighbor arrived with two guys carrying a couch. They stopped the game and these guys prepared to haul this couch up by rope instead of using the stairs. Never saw that before. Half way up, they were struggling and Taste The Rainbow and Crop Duster ran up to help. Chivalry. Somehow they managed to get it done. Then we got the circle going with Beer Spill Valdez leading. Naturally the hares spent a lot of time in the circle and so did a few others actually getting multiple down downs. Just Andrea. We did have two virgins, Just Ram and Just Mike. Welcome.
After circle there were several who had to leave and we headed back in shifts. Back at the bar we found four house puppies EZ On The Ass, Its Too Soft, Salty Gash, and Two Girls One Cupcake to go along with Taste The Rainbow who also didn’t run.
Who else was on trail? Sandy Syphilis, Ice Capades, Dr. Fudge Finger, Chicken Stifer, Just Nancy, Soul Taco, Just John, and Just Reed.

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