Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1714

Soggy Deposits and Uploader were our hares out of Chris’s Northwoods on North Ave. We had a nice pack of 24 running and walking Trail Hounds that included Disco Balls, Are They Real and Just Heather, a virgin who came just for Uploaders birthday, who walked to the stops. Our trail went south on Ashland for one block and then into an alley and south another block. Here Chicken Stifer led us to a Back Check. Well, we know he would rather range and he waited until the trail was found in another alley heading west. Chicken Stifer ranged and the rest of the pack ran down the alley. And guess what? The trail didn’t come out where expected. Instead it led to an instant Shot Stop. While the pack gathered, for shots, Chicken Stifer, our only MIA, ranged back to trail and was seen several blocks away running in first. Remember, ranging can cost you. You win some and you lose some. And shot stops and beer stops can happen anywhere.
So we finally ran on to the west to Damen and then north where we caught another Back Check. This led through an alley and finally over to Bloomingdale where the pack was stuck for a bit. But we had caught Chicken Stifer and he was finally ON. This led to an Uploader Check where he had his accident. We all high fived for his survival and went on. Trail went to the north and east and finally after a good split, we ran to the south on Elston. This is a long straight and some of the FRBs finally got out and running including Taste The Rainbow who became FRB of the day. At the first possibility for a left, trail went left. Again Chicken Stifer was waiting for a clue as to where the trail went and when it headed south, he paralleled. A whole pack followed him. We crossed North Ave and he kept going south, paralleling. Then he suddenly headed west through a parking lot. Thinking he was now ON, I almost followed when SnatchSquatch and Its To Soft yelled out that it was the turkey trail. Turkey Trail? No fucking way. We are young and able bodied. So the three of us headed west, back on the Turkey Trail, and found the Turkey Eagle Split. Now this is trail, and we took off. After several blocks we got back to Elston and saw Salty Gash and Fistful Of Pricks ahead. Horn-E left Its Too Soft and SnatchSquatch behind and followed and finally caught Salty Gash and Fistful Of Pricks and we ran on into the Beer Stop together. Apparently EZ On The Ass and Uploader caught up with the other Eagles and they ran in together, or not. There were many Turkeys on this beautiful day for running.
Just a thought. Wouldn’t it be fun if no beer was allowed to be tapped until the Eagles have landed. At least the first one. You could hide the beer and only give a clue to those on the Eagle trail. So the Turkeys would have to wait until the Eagles have landed to find the beer. Hmmm.
I digress. The beer was in a back yard, out of the wind, and the sun was so warm, it was T-Shirt weather. But all beer stops end and we walked two blocks back to the bar.
Beer was served and at $5/pitcher, it lasted long. Beer Spill Valdez led the circle and our hares drank plenty. So did the visitors, Return to Gender and Occupied. We also had virgins, Just Heather, Just Chris and Just Jenna. Taste The Rainbow was FRB, Chicken Stifer was SCB and Salty Gash was DFL. But, really, she wasn’t. Who else was on trail? Two Girls One Cupcake, O’Shitty Runch, Just Do Me Slowly, Where’s The Sausages, and Just Reed. We also had to girls join our party after circle, Just Andrea and Just Heather who said they want to join us.

On On