Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1713

The Tale of the Trail
Chicago Hash 20 Mar 2011 By Horn-E

All right, with my bad wrist, I didn’t want to run and risk another fall. Smart or coward? You figure it out.
We ran from Ollie’s. Because of rain, Glory Hole went to relay the trail, live. After a quick circle led by the other hare, The Dark Kunt, a pack of fifteen was off. So I took off walking the trail and trying to keep the pack in sight. At the end of a long alley, I was only about 50 feet behind Lifa. That didn’t last long. Trail headed west and eventually across Broadway and I tried to keep them in sight by paralleling. It was working and a few blocks later I saw Beer Spill Valdez disappearing a block and a half ahead. Trail headed back to Broadway and I assume a Check. Suddenly they headed north and I was only a half block behind Lifa. Yeah, like that lasted. North of Bryn Mawr, the pack disappeared to the east. I paralleled and saw no one. Finally at Sheridan Rd. I saw a lot of flashing lights to the north. Fire? I could only assume at this point that the trail went over to Lincoln Park. It did and I was ahead of the pack. But why?
Are you ready for this. Glory Hole was playing live hare, but it had nothing to do with the dead guy on trail. and I don’t mean Dead Guy Ale. Really. Sad, but true. As I was told, trail went north on Sheridan and crossed the street, right were there was an accident with this dead guy laying on the sidewalk. Hashers went on by and went over to the lakefront, but there were no marks. Lifa said he returned and saw a southbound arrow under the dead guy. The pack was off, and I’m just reporting what happened. Sorry about the victim.
Meanwhile Horn-E is walking south in the park and wondering why the pack isn’t following. He actually spotted some marks and finally went wrong on a Split. Rain came and he headed east and over to the beer stop. Just before arriving Horn-E saw Pull My Pork pulling Cum In My Ass Fault into an alley. All right, they were supposedly on trail. So Horn-E directed Caught Red Headed after them and walked to the beer stop. and Horn-E was actually on trail and they weren’t. There were a few hashers already there when I arrived and we enjoyed a beer before heading back to Ollie’s. At the finish I found out that Tampon Tampoff managed to arrive, reeeealy late and managed to see the pack and get to the beer stop, making a pack of sixteen now.
Beer Spill Valdez led the circle and he is getting into being an RA. He took my suggestion and started something new, a SCB down down. That is Short Cutting Bastard. And since Horn-E walked and actually short cut a good part of the trail, he got this one. Well deserved, although Tampon Tampoff was also deserving. We got a chance to meet our three visitors, That Will Never Fly from Dayton and Used Virgin and Ring Around The Russel from Motown Ann Arbor. We also had Trail Hounds, Chunder Pussy, Its Too Soft, 10 K Tika Ho, 10 Diks With Wings, Chicken Stifer and Salty Gash on trail. And we had one House Puppy, Mouthful Of Meat.

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