Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1680

The Tale of the Trail.
The Chicago Hash, 30 Aug, 2010 by Horn-E

It was a small crowd again at Kelly’s, but we had fifteen ready to go for it and chase down the live hares, Cumma Slutra & Porcelain God. We didn’t catch them. We took off up Sheffield and then immediately to the east in an alley. This led us through De Paul Campus where we regrouped at the first Check. Trail went out to Fullerton and through some alleys across Lincoln and up Halsted. There was a Triple Split at Wrightwood that really fucked up the pack for a bit. They headed right/east and into an alley. but suddenly they were returning. It was a False. We went back to the last Split, and searched everywhere, extensively. Nothing. Finally we returned to the alley and went past the F and found some marks and were back on trail.
Now here is the problem and a good opportunity to point out to everyone what the standard marks are in Chicago. F, as explained in the circle, means go back to Check. BC Back Check, or CB Check Back, or a fish hook arrow mean to check back along the trail for a missed or hidden mark. This can go back as far as the last Split, for the true trail. These are very effective in slowing down the FRBs and regroup the pack a bit. They also give some of the middle of the pack a chance to lead for a bit.
Actually it was about three blocks later when the pack found another F, but this time we knew how the hare was marking trail. We then ran up Clark to a Check at Diversey. As I arrived, someone said Chicken Stifer headed east. That was the last I saw of him. Just Mary headed north on Broadway and Horn-E went east on the north side of Diversey. At the first alley Horn-E headed back on the south side of the street. Suddenly Uploader was yelling On on the north side of the street. Horn-E must have missed some really well hidden arrows, as the whole pack was soon in pursuit. This took us north to Surf and over to the park for a Split. Pulling up the rear, I arrived and found no one in sight. I headed south and found marks and finally some of the pack waiting for those that went north. Trail went through this long parking lot and under the outer drive. Great spot for a beer stop on the breakwaters. but no one there. Just Mary led Horn-E and a pack of tail enders over the bridge to the south. We headed the four long blocks along the waterfront and the nice view until we hit Fullerton. Trail now went east and the T and E Split. Being lame, Horn-E led Just Mary to the east on the Turkey trail. Others eventually followed. There was a pack up front that did the eagle trail around the zoo. Meanwhile, we crossed Fullerton heading north. That was the last I saw of the visitor, Duck Duck Fuck. Somewhere around here, we also lost Corn Star with our Hash Cash. Oooops. Meanwhile Just Mary led us through the neighborhood streets until Lincoln. On Lincoln we headed north on both sides of the street and Horn-E finally took the lead as we hit Webster. Trail led through Oz Park and eventually the hill where the true FRBs were waiting and drinking beer. MIA were Chicken Stifer, Duck Duck Fuck & Corn Star. We finally finished our beer and headed back to the bar where we found the first two sitting on a pitcher of beer and staring at TV. Boring. We made the beer stop and enjoyed our first beers outside in the fresh air. Stay on trail and don’t assume you know what the hares are doing. Those tricky bastards could be up to almost anything.
Corn Star finally arrived with the cash and the beer started to flow. We headed into the beer/smoking tent in back and thankfully the TV wasn’t plugged in so we could enjoy a circle without interruption. We did call out the hares frequently and often. And then the visitors Vote For Pedro and Duck Duck Cock. Vote For Pedro also brought two virgins, Just Melissa and Just Jason who both enjoyed the hash. Mr. After Midnight arrived late, but still did a run and was good and sweaty and thirsty. We were also joined by Just Mo who didn’t run and the usual Its Too Soft. Who else ran trail? The Dark Kunt, Wrapper Snatcher, Lifa, Slippery Box, and Crop Duster. Calvin Klein arrived way, way late, but he did buy more beer.

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