Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1678

The Tale of the Trail
The Chicago Hash 23 Aug 2010 by Horn-E

Hared by Virgin Banger and Corn Star from the Jefferson Inn. We had 20 hounds at the start, but Horn-E was still injured and just walked to the beer stop and back, following trail. That was about two miles. The rest of the pack, 19 hounds, took off following trail. What happened is hard to tell, but a short time after I got to the beer stop at the home of former hasher Blue Balls, we saw Licker Leash coming followed by the FBI Five Hole Failure. About ten of them made it in, but where were the rest. It was at least ten minutes before the rest of the pack arrived led, or led astray, by Or G. All made it except Just Ray who pulled a muscle running down some alley. Which muscle and how many times I don’t know and I won’t ask. But we didn’t loose any virgins this time and the one we lost last week, Just Mo, did return. She likes it more, now that she didn’t get lost.
Back at the bar, Fistful Of Pricks got the beer flowing and then took over as RA. This was the first time I saw her do this. Did she do a good job? Hell no. But then no one does their first time or two. But she did a credible job and we can look forward to her improving with practice. She did a good job of naming Just Sarah. Just Sarah is leaving us and we wanted to give her a going away name, especially since her destination, New York, isn’t known for giving names. So we worked her over with questions. Spit or swallow, favorite farm animal, she likes it on top. Most embarrassing sexual experience, etc. But something rang a bell with the masses about partners from other countries. Like four of them. And so her name forever more will be know as Foreign My Twat. I good one.
We also had the return of Necrophilia. Good. Now do it again. We had a virgin or two. Just Amanda, who didn’t seem to intimidated by our singing and Just Doug. Or was it Just Gordon. All right. One had hashed before and they came together. And after a few drinks I can’t keep anything straight. But I did keep Amanda straight. We also had a walk in new hasher to the area. Mr. After Midnight from the Ankara Hash in Turkey. Now all of you virgins and those that haven’t been here for some time, RETURN.
Who else ran. Goldilocks, Its Too Soft, Glory Hole, Bloody Thighs, Ernest Cumingway, Just Cindy, Man O’Whore, and Crop Duster. And who were the groupies. Wang Chunks, Ice Princess, Soul Taco, and Mudsucker