Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1677

The Tale of the Trail
The Chicago Hash 12 Aug 2010 by Horn-E

This was set by Soul Taco and Fistful Of Pricks out of Bob Inn. I first spotted this place over ten years ago and wanted to hare here with one of our ex GMs, B. O. B. But they didn’t have pitchers. Still don’t. But the ladies arranged a price of $2.50/16oz. About $10/normal pitcher. But it is what it is. I counted 18 hashers at the start, two hares and one injured hasher, Fall On My Wood, who walked off with Fistful Of Pricks to the beer stop. I followed the sweep hare, Soul Taco in an attempt to do part of the trail with my lame knee. So, there were 15 hounds. The purpose of this trail apparently was to run the local boulevards. And that is right where they headed. Straight to California and then straight south to Armitage, then straight west to Humboldt. I left Soul Taco to catch up to the pack in her sweeping and took a short cut over to Humboldt, just in time to see what I believe were some of the leaders of the pack across Humboldt heading north. I saw Greasy Spurn coming back from a Split and heading north to Palmer Square. Lifa was short cutting across the parkland. So I followed and got to the corner of Palmer Square and Kedzie with no one in sight, behind or in front. Problem with long straights on a trail, and this trail had them, is that the pack gets strung out with the FRBs getting way in front and the mid or back pack gets out of sight and they fall further behind having to solve the checks themselves instead of using Checks for points to catch up. But I was on trail. I crossed Kedzie Boulevard and saw the trail heading south west. being a lame walker and with a few hints from Soul Taco, I headed north. Smart move. within a block I saw Dark Side Of The Poon running by a Check and heading into the Kedzie Parkland and across the Boulevard and then north. He was followed by Greasy Spurn. At Fullerton, trail kept going north and I enjoyed walking the parkland as I noticed Lifa and Just Cindy heading north for two more blocks to a Check at Logan Square. I headed there and found the Check, but they were long gone. Knowing that the beer stop was straight east on Logan Boulevard, and with my leg getting sore, I headed straight east on the north side of Logan Boulevard. The FRBs were no where in sight and probably already at the beer stop, 3/4 of a mile straight ahead. After several blocks, Ass Capades and Slippery Box came along. I told them that I wasn’t on, but Ass Capades said he know of several hashers who lived that way and was short cutting and hoping to pick correctly. This is hashing? I walked on and a block later I found an arrow turning onto the path I was on. Back on trail I walked on. Eventually near California there was a loop a block north to Schubert and two blocks east and back to Logan Boulevard. While I walked alone, the rest of the pack came along and just kept heading straight to the beer stop. Aren’t these supposed to be a hidden spot? But we all had a beer and apparently Sin Calzones lived there. Everyone made it including the virgin, Just Jill. Wait, there was a second virgin, Just Mo. MIA. We found her back at the bar eating a Crispy Creme donut from across the street while she waited for the pack. At least she waited. Her sister from Calif. is a hasher so maybe she’ll give us another chance.
And the beer started to flow, PBR 16s. The circle was called by Lifa and we gathered around the pool table. We naturally got the hares for that S H I T T Y T R A I L. We were also introduced to out visitor from Columbus, Duck Duck Cock. Our FRB was Dark Side Of The Poon, but he skipped that last loop like he knew where he was going, and just beat out Greasy Spurn who actually ran trail. Horn-E got DFL, again for doing that last loop while all of the tail enders skipped ahead. Then we called out our two virgins, Just Jill and Just Mo. Welcome and please come back. Other hounds on trail included, Way To Much Jism, Soggy Deposits, Muffin The Mule, Salty Gash and Mouthful Of Meat. The non running wussies who only came for the beer included Wang Chunks, Glory Hole, EZ On The Ass and Its Too Soft.
Sin Calzones also joined us at the beer stop.

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