Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1675

The Tale of the Trail
The Chicago Hash 2 Aug 2010 by Horn-E

This was the white Trash Hash set by Batteries Not Included and R-Tard-E out of Weeds. And we finally had a hash attendance worthy of summer in Chicago. I counted 26 hounds on trail. Myself (injured) and Calvin Klein accompanied Batteries Not Included to the beer stop. Can’t say much about the trail as we didn’t see much, but before we walked a half block towards the beer stop, Chicken Stiffer and Soggy Deposits were already short cutting and heading down an alley. We walked on and past at least one mark and as we approached Binney’s to get the beer, we saw Lifa and Chicken Stiffer, again off course and heading east. We got beer and waited until the pack arrived. And it was the last two short cutters we saw who eventually came in first. Do they ever stay on trail? Isn’t that the game. But soon the pack arrived and everyone had a beer and was sweaty and happy.
Back at Weeds were a bunch on non running bastards, Our GM Fistful Of Pricks again, and EZ On The Ass, Salty Gash, Its Too Soft, Sin Calzones, Super Stuffer, and Wang Chunks.
Calvin Klein ran the circle as RA in place of the missing RA. Hurry back. Many were called out and some ice was provided, but all of the Chicago Hashers wimped out and didn’t drop trou. We finally had to get Bubbles from Waukesha to show our hashers the proper way to sit on ice. But welcome to all the visitors and virgins. And Back Door Bizzle should have won an award for the most appropriately dressed. And who else was there and to there credit ran this hash, Flying Hooters, Just Stacey, Just Sean, Fall On My Wood, Soul Taco, Just Cindy, Glory Hole, Up Loader, Slippery Box, Back Door Bizzle, $10,000 Tiki Ho, Way to Much Jism, Crop Duster, Ice Capades, Ice Princess, Hoosier Daddy, Dark Side Of The Poon, Just Megan, Just Dennis, Just Sam, Just John and Dykeoutame from Arizona.