Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1673

Chicago Hash 7/24/10
Hares: It’s Too Soft and Just Rita plus troops
Venue: Old Party Central

Hashers: Rotten Whore, Just Jonathon, Soul Taco, LIFA, Asscapade, Back Door Bizzle, Salty Gash, Where is the Sausages, Crop Duster, Sin Calzones, Just Cindy, Just Do Me Slowly, Bubbles, Iron Maiden, Vote for Pedro, Disco Balls, R-Tard-E, Chicken Stiffer, Just Lauren, Fall on my Wood, Just Chuck, Just Tony

Total = 25

The hash on Saturday was a continuation of the Last Saturday of the month hash started two years ago to accommodate hashers who couldn’t run on Monday nights in the summer. It has been a great success with usual attendance around 25-30 hashers on Saturdays and this year has been no exception. The day started off ominous with thunder and lightening hitting the area all thru the night. Many areas were flooded and some of our racist hashers like Soul Taco, Just Cindy, and Crop Duster had their race cancelled on them so they showed up to the hash. Our host for today It’s Too Soft laid a trail that was tough and shitty for all. We did the little chalk talk thingy in the front yard and were off east down Fullerton, but we quickly crossed the street to the south and ran through the DePaul neighborhood shouting and blowing our whistles as we went. Just Jonathon was leading at this point with Chicken Stiffer. We came to a check at Belden and Fullerton and Just Jonathon went south, I went east with LIFA and true trail went north and then back east past the old Chicken house. Just Cindy, Soul Taco, and Crop went north at a check on Orchard and they were on, luckily for most of the pack the FRB’s were on a circle jerk and everyone got caught back up with the FRB’s and LIFA regained FRB status. We kept running towards the lake and Asscapade caught up with me near Diversey and Broadway where trail again went northwest towards the lake. LIFA, Asscapades, Vote for Pedro and I got down to the driving range and we had a check. Vote for Pedro found trail running behind an apartment building and we ran back west over Sheridan and up to Broadway. Here there was another check and I went west and saw Rotten Whore running back but we got lucky finding marks across the street and the trail lead to Ruji’s Foofdeck for the beer stop.
We had beer on the roof and finally started worrying about our virgin hasher from Atlanta. The last time we saw him was at DePaul and when he showed that’s when he said he got lost. We made it back to Old party central and Just Tony got going cooking the RIBS and CHICKEN. Chicken ran circle and gave out punishments to SOUL TACO and JUST CINDY for trying to run 10-mile race in the morning. Back Door Bizzle received a down down for dragging around a bitch on trail. IT’s Too Soft got numerous accusations for being the hare. We welcomed LIFA back from interhash and gave reboots like JUST DO ME and Salty a round of joyous songs for their drinking pleasure. People were more worried about food like R-Tard-E so we closed circle after 50-songs and ate RIBS And CHICKEN all nightlong wish you could have been there!!!

Chicken Stiffer