Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1664

The Tale of the Trail
The Chicago Hash 11 Jun 2010 by Horn-E

Set by Chicken Stifer from Harey Carey’s. There was a last minute change due to the original bar being closed and even I didn’t know about it until I passed Harey Carey’s and found the hash waiting outside. At least the backup bar was right across the street.
Another small pack of only thirteen, for such a nice day. And that included 2 visitors. It did turn out to be a real shitty trail, at least so it was declared in the circle. We took off to the east on Addison and did a gangway that led to a Check. Struggled a bit until Slippery Box found trail into an alley. This had us climbing over a fence and landing on slippery wet leaves. Got Muffin The Mule on that one as his ass hit the sidewalk. From here we had a T and E Split and Horn-E headed for the high fence along with Just Jody and Scrumie Seconds now from Austin. From here we headed east towards Broadway and another Check. We had to run through a gauntlet of cops pulling off some sort of bust. Hoosier Daddy, Slippery Box and Horn-E checked a block east and found nothing. Upon returning the pack was gone, but trail headed south and further east on Addison. Where we going to get to run in the beautiful Lincoln Park. Not. We headed south a block before the park and then west to another Check by Treasure Island. We had two False Trails to the south that the whole pack went off on, except Hoosier Daddy. He went north on another and we didn’t see him again until the beer stop. Muffin The Mule finally found trail to the west and then south through a parking lot, across Halsted and further east. Next Check was in an alley between Broadway and Sheffield that had the pack stuck for a while, but trail eventually went north to where those two streets meet and then headed further west. At this point our faster bimbos, Soul Taco, Poultry Fucker and Slippery Box were leading along with Muffin the Mule and they kept leading right to the beer stop. We did head north and through an alley and past Wrigley Field. A block later we were heading east again and finally to a Beer Stop in an alley behind Motor Whore A’s house where she joined us for the beer stop. From here it was a short walk back to the bar.
The hare called the pack together and held a low key circle. A few songs were heard, and we were introduced to the visitors, Scrumie Seconds and Just Jody. But after a short circle we did a quick Swing Low and settled into the food some ordered and the beer. Others on trail included Corn Star, Chippendale, Its Too Soft, Ass Capades, and Ice Princess.