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Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1653

The Tale of the Trail
The Chicago Hash, 3 Apr. 2010, by Horn-E

This was an Easter Celebration held on Sat because that was the only day that anyone volunteered their house for a celebration dinner. Thanks Soul Taco. Lifa Volunteered to be the hare and that meant we had to put up with another Lifa trail. At least that was heard on trail. But it wasn’t all that bad. Really. Honest. I swear on the Easter Bunny. We were soon off to the north with a small pack of hungry hounds out to further work up an appetite. Eleven hounds in all. We headed off to the north and the pack was a slow moving one. Even Crop Duster was still tired from Thursday’s hash. The front of the pack changed back and forth and at Splits and such but the back of the pack stayed much the same with Horn-E, Poultry Fucker and R-Tard-E holding up the rear. We had a Check at Addison and near the Expressway and there was a chance to maybe get ahead, but we were soon back in the rear as trail headed north, then west and finally over to an alley near Pulaski and Addison. Braving the traffic, Horn-E managed to get near the front around here. We went south one more block and then west, across Pulaski and we hit a Check. The 69 Cent Man was calling On to the south in an alley and I followed as Just Kelsey and Slippery Box zipped past me. We went a block west and I saw the 69 Cent Man heading south and then west again. But as we headed south, Crop Duster, now where did he come from, came out of where the 69 Cent Man disappeared. A good Back Check. We went south to Milwaukee and Pulaski where we had another Check. Trail was heading west and then south and we were soon following Crop Duster in the distance. We crossed Belmont and heading south to a parking lot where Horn-E came up behind Lifa sweeping. He said something about this should be interesting. Hmmm. A Back Check? And sure enough, the pack started to return. Heading south about 50 feet, Horn-E spotted the marks and was off and in front for about 100 yards until Just Kelsey passed him. See, even the old and slow can get in front for a short distance with a well laid Back Check. We crossed Pulaski and into a neighborhood of angled streets meeting NSEW streets. Where was the pack? A bunch of FRBs were out of sight at a Check. But Horn-E spotted them returning from the south. Happy Ass Grabber and Horn-E headed east and found marks and this led to the South.
From here we headed south across Diversey and into a large park where Soul Taco and Genesis, who didn’t run, arrived late, and assisted on the beer stop, were both waiting with beer and an Easter Egg Hunt set up. We were minus one hasher, Poultry Fucker who cut off along the way and headed back to Soul Taco’s place. Who else was on trail? The visitor, Vote For Pedro, Its Too Soft and Glory Hole.
We walked back to the On In and the food was cooking. We found the non runners Chicken Stiffer, Peterbilt and SnatchSquatch waiting. We were also joined by Bloody Thighs and Just Do Me Slowly who only came for the food. That ham was great and the chocolate cream pie was irresistible. Everything else was good too. Real good.
Genesis called the circle together on the porch and the hares got plenty of down downs We also included Crop Duster for his trail of Thursday. He deserved more. We quickly got into a naming for Just Kelsey. Genesis had a list of things about her that was a mile long. But we seemed to concentrate on the fact that she likes to run knickerless. It finally narrowed down to the Kansas Kommando and something similar and Sin Calvones. And that is what it ended up, Sin Calvones and so it shall be for evermore.