Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1636

Sun, Dec 13 saw CH3 gather at the home of I Like Dick, often referred to as Tyrone and Richard. A much nicer day then the last TH3 Hash, but still a small turnout. This was the out of the box hash and it was. No marks. Yeah, no marks. We had only 12 hounds for this mess. We were handed pictures of where the next picture was. Picture one led to picture two, or somewhere near there we would find picture two. And they were hiddin a bit. Then picture two led us to some other unusual site or landmark where we would find picture 3,4,5 etc. Well, it sort of worked. I remember thinking of something similar years ago. I congratulate I Like Dick on the idea. Unfortunately, as with any new idea, something can go wrong. And we are at a hash, so something will go wrong. The pictures were being gathered up along the way. If you fell behind, you were fucked. I did and I was. Oooops. As the trail headed south on Sheffield and then to the west, I went back for a lost sweatband. I never saw them again. I headed back to where they were and they were gone. There was no picture anywhere. I headed west in what I thought was the direction they were circling in. They weren’t and back checked to the east and eventually to Oz Park. Meanwhile I was west around Finkel and such. I finally gave it up as a lost cause. There was no way to pick up on this trail. Just after I got back to I Like Dick’s place, the pack started to trickle in. Everyone seemed to have fun. Especially the FRBs. Worth trying again, but leave pictures behind.
We soon got into some damn good Chili and home made cookies from Just Tina. Calvin Klein led a long circle as he is on his farewell tour as RA. A good job over the years. The hashers on trail included Horn-E, The KGB, Hoosier Daddy, Shiggy Packer, Chicken Stifer, Just Ingrid, R-Tard-E, SnatchSquatch, Fistful Of Pricks, Corn Star, and a very hung over Its Too Soft. We also picked up a virgin along the way, Just Jordan. he seemed to like it a lot and he will be back. We also had one visitor, Rumpspringa from Waukesha. There were also the usual pretenders, Calvin Klein, Batteries Not Included, and Ball Cock Dumper. We finally ended up with naming Just Ingrid. About time. Now what was it. Something about dancoing around in the cold to keep warm, like she had to tinkle. I hope I got this right. Tinkle Trotsky. I’m sure I will be corrected at the next hash.

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