Marathon Beer Stop 2009

Hey hashers, it is that time of year again.

The Chicago Marathon
Start time is 7:30 AM.
Sun. Oct 11

As usual, the hashers of Chicagoland, and some visitors will be giving out beer to local hashers and visiting hashers around mile 22.5. Well, them and a lot of Marathoners. They look forward to us every year now and we need a lot of volunteers to help us, help them.

When: The lead runners will go by about 9AM. They could use and appreciate your vocal support and you get to see some real great athletes as they go by. They won’t want beer. Actually the first beer drinkers usually show about an hour later, about 10AM. Then within a half hour all hell breaks loose and we can’t pour it fast enough. That is the time schedule, but show up when you can. Myself and Or G will probably be there around 9AM.

Where: About mile 22.5. The course is the same as last year in our area. That means, take the RED LINE to 35th St. But exit the station to the south at 33 Rd St. Go right towards the railroad trestle. We meet just before the trestle, under it if it is raining.

Who: Any area hashers, family, friends, and visitors who came with Hashers who are running the Marathon.

What to bring: Yourself, ready to help and cheer. But this is an all volunteer event. It survives because we individual hashers bring beer, and cups. Beer in cans only. A good sized back pack holds 24 to 30 cans and is easy to carry that way. But pack carefully so cans don’t puncture. I bring a case or a 30 pack. One case goes through about 100 cups. We pour about 3oz/cup. So five oz cups are great. Sixteen oz cups are not great. Soft plastic or paper cups are best.
We have to clean up a bit after so a few garbage bags would help. Hashers don’t leave litter.

Signs. Nice. Poster board is great. But this is not sponsored by any individual hash groups so please keep it to Hashers, Or Hashers of Chicago. “Have a beer on the hash”, “Hash beer stop” or a FOOTPRINT that hashers from everywhere recognize. Short and simple. They are running by and don’t have the time for fine print or a novel.

Who’s running: So far I know about Virgin Banger, Glory Hole and Cumma Slutra. Any others? Lets get your names listed and hopefully your ETA so we can look for you.

And please, help cleanup after. Then we can all go to either the Second City Hash or the Chicago Hash.