Tale of the Trail – Run to Remember 2009

Tale of Trail – Run to Remember 2009

So this morning the KGB, Happy Ass Grabber and I showed up
outside the Chicago Yacht Club and distributed the majority of a keg
of beer to the approximately 3300 participants of the Chicago Police
Departments memorial Run-To-Remember.

Seeing how this was our return to the event after not being
invited last year, I wasn’t surprised that the rest of the people
servicing the water station were a little apprehensive about the beer.
The woman who assumed command of the water stop was new to the event
and made it very clear that she was NOT a beer drinker. Nonetheless,
Happy and KG made good use of the empty water jugs laying around and
we built a formidable defense for the thirsty pack that would soon
assail us. Water Wench wasn’t pleased with our efforts as she felt we
were being far from discreet. …little did she know!

The FRB’s screamed past the 2.5K mark with no regard for refreshment;
Wankers! The next group merely chuckled at Happy’s announcement of:
“Ice cold BEER here!” then I’d guess it was the fiftieth runner to
pass by and exclaim: “hey! That really is BEER!” And turned around to
get himself a drink and the assault began. Happy and KG were passing
’em out faster than I could pour AND refill our jugs!

As we tried to re-load for the seemingly endless supply of thirsty
attackers, our Freshwater Sprite came over to stop us from shouting
“Free BEER!” and “Reward yourself for making it halfway with a nice
refreshing BEER! You’ve earned it!” some people just don’t know how to
be part of a team. Luckily, we were reaching the ‘walkers’ portion of
the race and needn’t get their attention so early, and they were much
more likely to stop and have a few beers and ask us why we weren’t
there last year. The Sergent and Captain looking types and their wives
finally shut down our Friendly Waterfront Nay-sayer when they told
her: “We love these guys! Their beverage is way better than that
tasteless stuff you’re peddling!” …the comment was made in jest,
bust the Hasher’s laugh was genuine!

After the racists/walkers finished passing by and enjoying our
refreshing BEER, the three of us selfless Hashers cleaned up the
discarded cups and stocked the remaining water jugs and said goodbye
to our faithful friend and provider of tasty, foamy, goodness. All
that was left to do was drink the remaining jugs of beer and head home
in the early afternoon!

…now does anyone have some aloe so I can relieve my sunburn? I look
like I grew up in Kentucky!


Erin Go Buff

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