Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1595

Chicago Hash Tale of the trail 4.19.09

April 19, 2009

Chicago Hash #1595

VIRGINS: Just David
VISITORS: Seamen in my Jeans
HASHERS: Chicken Stiffer, Half-Fag, Snatchsquatch, Horn-e, Asscapades, Lifa, Erin Go Buff, Hoosier Daddy, KGB, Fistful of Pricks, Wall Bangher, Flying Hooters,


Our better is not best known Chicago hasher, R-Tard-E laid trail today. My has the young man come a long way, last year at this time he laid his infamous 54-back check and now he lays a pretty good trail on a wet and cold April day!! This cold and rainy day saw 15 hashers make their way on a 4-5 mile jaunt on the North side of Chicago including a run thru the Loyola campus and a run on its track! R-Tard-E put down some mange looking marks for chalk talk but they seemed to suffice for our visitor and virgin today because both found trail thru the course of the day.

After the chalk talk was over we took off west and some dumped their bags in CHICKENS car before we jogged on trail. LIFA and CHICKEN were the FRB’s today working together most of the time after checks and splits to find trail. Our FBI was the lovely FLYING HOOTERS today and she instrumental keeping the pack linked with the FRB’s upfront. The trail kept going west and finally there was a check by the Metra-rail that confused the pack. Some found true trail south and others west, but we all met ½ mile west realizing that part of the pack had found true trail and went the wrong way on it. HALF-FAG led us east again and North until we came to a major Check under the Red-line where the Pack came together again, before we found ourselves running thru the Loyola Campus. WALLBANGHER checked south and LIFA north but trail was found by CHICKEN and he whistled for FLYING HOOTERS to signal the pack east. The trail here ran over the Loyola track and HORN-E seemed a little confused as to which way true trail went but it finally did go back south thru the campus with SNATHCSQUATCH, HOOSIER DADDY, and FISTFUL OF PRICKS pulling up the rear? Eventually the pack made it to the beer stop behind Dominick’s across the street from the bar. We greedily accepted Busch Beer from R-TARD and stayed out of view of the security camera from the store while we drank our beer. The Hash made it back to the On-In and in the absence of our RA we let HALF-FAG lead us in circle and with his trusty cue card sidekick he led a good circle.


Hashers: Erin Go Buff, Chicken Stiffer, Poultry, Fistful of Pricks, Ball Cock Dumper, Just Genesis, Salty Gash, Mouthful of Meat, Happy Ass Grabber, Just Kerri, Just Sara, Snatchsquatch, Hoosier Daddy, Mount Schwiiiinga, Asscapades

Total= 15

It was a typical turnout for drinking practice where we celebrated the B-day of Just Genesis and had some Jameson’s Cupcakes made by Salty Gash. We were disappointed with the Blackhawk’s loss so we drowned our sorrows in $2 beers and free wings. Come out next week when a possible Game 7 for the hawks could take place. See you this Sunday at casa de Fuji for 70-degree weather and kegs of beer with food for only $8!!



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