Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1578

Dec. 21, 2008 @ Hidden Shamrock

HASH TRASH – Tale of the Trail
Chicago Hash #1577

HARES: Dead Lay San Antonio Hash
VISITORS: Coin Operated, All The Way In WH3, Hot Lips Grand Rapids, Just Brenda, Just Scott Indyscent, 2 Fuck Canuck Big-Hump
HASHERS: Chicken Stiffer, Batteries Not Included, Poultry F*cker, It’s Too Soft, Magnetic Muff, Crop Duster, Mouthful of Meat, Super Stufher, Calvin Klein, Asscapade,


Our Hare today was DEAD LAY she asked to lay trail for us at the Pre-Lube, she used to live in Chicago near the Old Beaumont Bar so was familiar with the area. We gave her a five-minute head start and she was off. Today was a little cool out and she took the trail east towards the Lake. ALL THE WAY IN was FRB at this point until we crossed Broadway then JUST SCOTT took over scouting duties from him. Trail cut by the Elk lodge at the Six way corner of Diversey and Lake Shore drive. Here DEAD LAY was trying to be funny with her checks because ITS TOO SOFT found trail leading to Diversey Harbor where she laid a turkey-eagle split the Eagle split had us jumping from ice flow to ice flow in the harbor very funny. Trail swung back west using the back roads through Lincoln Park and 2 FUCK CANNUCK found trail cutting back behind the Fire station leading towards the usual beer stop point of ITS TOO SOFT. CHICKEN was tired from the night before so I let COIN OPERATED take the lead into the beer stop at the house of FUJI. We still had plenty of beer left in that Keg from the ANTHRAX HASH the day before!!! We drank plenty here with CALVIN and BATTERIES meeting us at the beer stop. CROP DUSTER looked hilarious with his ski goggles on while following trail. Thank God he already has a name otherwise we would have had some ammunition for a naming. We sat at ITS TOO SOFTs place drinking beer and talking about the fun times we all had the night before and then we ran back to the bar where there were two fireplaces to warm our cold butts. POULTRY almost singed her butt trying to warm it in the fire. We commenced circle and MOUTHFUUL OF MEAT showed up with SUPER STUFHER making his way over after putting a day’s work at Soldiers Field. We had another typical CALVIN circle and saw our visitors off in style. Many thanks go to JUST KATHY at the bar for the $6 pitchers and use of the back room. Many thanks also goes to DEAD LAY from SAN ANTONIO for laying a nice live 3-mile trail on such a cold day!!! See you next week at Brudders and stay tune for the ANTHRAX HASH TRASH.