Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1568

Hash Trash – Oct. 12, 2008
Chicago #1568 @ Stocks and Blondes

HARES: Mudsucker, Magnetic Muff, Glory Hole
VIRGINS: Just Taylor, Just Tina, Just Sadie
VISITORS: Balut & GDWB (Houston), Erin Go Buff ( Honolulu) Halley’s Comet (Bell Scott), Designated Driver (Lansing), Belching Semen (Whitehouse hash)
HASHERS: Chicken Stiffer, Hoosier Daddy, Ginger Snatch, Horn-e, Super Stuf’her Just I Lean, Cums On I Lean, R-Tard-E, Santchsquatch, Uploader, Just Shaina, Just Nicole, Just Joel, Just Alexis, Virtually Hung, Princess Labia, The Enema Canal, Discharged Seamen, Ez on the Ass, Cumma Slutra, Crop Duster, It’s Too Soft, Wrapper Snatcher, The Porcelain God,


Today 37 hashers came out to the Sunday fun and some started even earlier that usually. The Hash activities started today with a few hashers making their way to 33rd and the Dan Ryan to cheer marathoners and hand out water and beer today. The first wave of runners really went for that water but the second wave were surprised and pleased to have that beer. The hash cleaned up around 1 pm and made their way via the Red line to the downtown starting point for the hash. Stocks and Blondes informed us that the keg would not work because the CO2 was out. I got them to give us 165 bottles of beer for the same price the $160 we were to pay for the keg and all was good.

Our hares today GLORY HOLE, MAGNETIC MUFF, and MUDSUCKER laid a trail with a turkey and eagle portion to it so our marathon runners could attend and other hashers could get a run in. JUST TAYLOR just in from Orlando joined us to day after being in Chicago for no more that 4 days. WE also met virgins JUST SADIE and JUST TINA in the bar celebrating JUST TINA’s marathon finish. JUST SHAINA and I decided to watch peoples bags and the Bears game that they lost along with WRAPPER SNATCHER and eventual CROP DUSTER. I am glad I decided not to run because I meet BALUT and GDWB in from the Houston Hash for a couple of days but the could not stay for circle. BALUT has an interesting name look it up on line here
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Balut

The pack was off and the small crew inside the bar was joined by EZ on the ASS and CUMMA SLUTRA and we all waited for the rest of the pack to make their way around trail and join us. The FRB’s were SNATCHSQUATCH and SUPER STUF’HER soon followed by CUMS on I LEAN and JUST I LEAN with his side kick R-TARD-E. BELCHING SEMEN announced her presence in a typical loud style which was echoed by ERIN GO BUFF in from Honolulu. I heard that HALLEY’s COMET and JUST NICOLE loved the smell of the Chicago alleys they ran thru and even saw a rat or 2 along the way.

Today also saw the return of JUST ALEXIS our peeing queen who has been out the last several weeks because she hurt her knees somehow? THE ENEMA CANAL played the part of the RA and his side kick PRINCESS LABIA was faithfully at his side. UPLOADER was his usually loud self screaming obscenities and mooning the whole circle at least 20 times or was that the homeless guy outside the window? Over all we had a great time and will see you next week.


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