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Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1565.5

Tale of the Trail – Chicago JV Hash #4

Sept. 27, 2008 Casa De W’All Bangher

HARES: Just Ira, Virtually Hung, W’all Bangher
VIRGINS: Just Allen
HASHERS: Calvin Klein, Batteries not Included, Chicken Stiffer, Speckle Bird, Just Joel, R-Tard-E, Just Amy, Ginger Snatch, Lifa, Bloody Thighs, Poultry F*cker, Its Too Soft, Just Carolyn, Magnetic Muff, Sit-N-Pee, Squeeze on out


Today the weather hit 80-degrees and 20 hashers joined together on the far northern border of CHICAGO to hash an area that we have not been in for many years. Our Hares really showed us a great trail using beaches, walkways, indoor shopping centers, and even a cemetery for their trail. The pack joined together near the Red line el-stop of Jarvis and by 1:30 pm we were off. LIFA was the FRB from the first second and never gave up that tag. We went south and back under the red line and quickly turned west with POULTRY F*CKER picking up the whiff of a trail that led us to a Chicago park on Clark? VIRTUALLY HUNG had a sadistic mind today because he made the trail criss-cross itself so many times that Veteran hasher LIFA was confused. BLOODY THIGHS got the trail correct and had us running east again towards the lake and what looked to be a MILK-MY-YAK convention due to all the kayaks at the next park. Trail here ran onto a beach and GINGER SNATCH led us over a private beach with the owners giving us dirty looks as we blew or whistles and ran on to our exit. The sign on the ground said SN, which stood for SHOTS NEAR, and the stop was on a site over looking the beautiful LAKE MICHIGAN. We had Jell-O Shots and Vodka drinks waiting for us!!!
We enjoyed the scenery and we were off. The trail used the Howard Street parking garage and the walkway over the street, which led us to a cemetery run with a turkey-eagle split. R-TARD-E and I were gassed so we took the turkey trail but the others ran the eagle trail. Overall we ran 5-6 miles but it was a gorgeous day so not many complaints from the pack were heard. The next beer stop was in Evanston on the lakefront again. Empty bottles of Corona taunted LIFA, as he had to accept a Miller Lite instead. JUST AMY and GINGER SNATCH were our FBI’s to this stop and JUST IRA brought out the beer for us.
The pack was off shortly again and we ran back to the house of W’ALL BAGHER, which was conveniently back at the first shot stop. This ON-IN might be voted he best on-in for the year with burgers and brats on the lakefront at her private residence. Please check out the pictures from ITS TOO SOFT. The only hiccup of the day was the tapper not fitting the keg but we made do with the several cases of beer that were lying around. The circle punished the hares several times but even CALVIN was impressed with the on-in and expressed his pleasure of the venue. HOT LIPS was our visitor today and MAGNETIC MUFF was our DFL, but after a short circle we munched on the chips and food that was provided for us.

See you on MONDAY!!!


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