Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1564

Tale of the Trail – Chicago Hash #1564

Hash Trash
Sept. 15, 2008 The Levee
HARES: 69-cent man, Chicken Stiffer
VISITORS: CUmLord, Dick long and prosper, Pussy Galore
HASHERS: Its Too Soft, Virtually Hung, Lifa, Sir poops, Just Rolando, Horn-e, Just I Lean, Cums On I Lean, Carpet Shagger, Crop Duster, Just Dennis, MudSucker


Well the Hash Happened, but I do not know how the trail went because I manned the beer stop tonight. I can definetly saw I was in the minority tonight with Mexicans on all the street corners waving flags and celebrating Mexican Independence Day. A little bird did tell me that the trail was short and shitty with numerous small marks hidden along the way laid by master hare 69-Cent Man. Our FRB was Horn-e and LIFA with CUMS ON I LEAN using her bike to complete the trail because there were no walkers. SIR POOPS complained bitterly that we were serving MGD and he wanted TECATE to celebrate the day!!!! We made it back to the on-in and there was MUDSUCKER and ITS TOO SOFT waiting for us!!! We had a short circle and some fun. Quote of the night by ITS TOO SOFT “Is the Iowa? No its West Chicago.”


CUBS WIN 7-6 over the hapless BREWERS!!!!

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