Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1556

Hash Trash
July 21, 2008, 7pm Weather Mark Tavern
HARES: Hoosier Daddy, Too Much Head
VIRGINS: Just Nick, Just Kyle, Just Terene
VISITORS: Corn Star (Tampa) but willing to learn the Chicago Way
HASHERS: Cyber Bunny Pimp, R-Tard-E, Horn-e, Snatchsquatch, Chicken Stiffer, Mudsucker, Milk-My-Yak, Just Katy, Just Bill, Just I Lean, Cums On I Lean, Magnetic Muff, Just Brad, The Enema Canal, Just Eileen, Its Too Soft, Just Julia, International Virgin
The Hash braved the extremely bad elements tonight and ran in very cold 75-degree weather. Oh MY GOSH I almost had to wear my sweatpants tonight!!! The pack used the now familiar bar called he WEATHER MARK TAVERN as its starting point. Our hares for the evening were HOOSIER DADDY and TOO MUCH HEAD. They had some ideas for their trail and seemed to execute them well with a beer stop near the CHINATOWN area. Circle was completed and our virgins and newbie’s listened well because none got lost on trail like HORN-E usually does. The trail ran south and finally west and CHICKEN STIFFER seemed to be the FRB for the first half of the trail. JUST I LEAN caught him up and together they found a check just west of CHINATOWN on 26th street? Here the pack followed the CHICKEN under the Dan Ryan and ran through the alleys of numerous Chinese kitchens and restaurants, my oh my were the smells pleasant. The hares decided to be funny and doubled back.
THE ENEMA CANAL and JUST KYLE were now at the front of the pack with the CHICKEN, but only for a moment. Quickly ENEMA and CHICKEN were lost on trail and needed help from some short cutters named R-TARD-E and SNATCHSQUATCH they gave us the correct coordinates and were soon of again in search of beer.
We found that the hares seemed to help the DSL’s namely MILK-My-Yak, MudSucker, and International Virgin because the miraculously got to the front of the pack? CORN STAR also was galloping along at a good pace going further west of Chinatown.
INTERNATIONAL VIRGIN was running with her buddy JUST TERENE who she brought to the hash and we are always grateful if you bring your friends to the hash. The trail turned north and I ran with JUST NICK across a bridge but it seemed we were off trail but we say JUST KYLE running across a railroad bridge over the canal so we took the next right and found the BEER STOP. JUST I LEAN was nice enough to pull the cooler off the tracks and he even threw the GM a beer!!! The rest of the pack came in with MAGNETIC MOUTH, ITS TOO SOFT and his camera, and JUST KATY. Yes we hashed from this bar a month ago but never crossed any trail from the previous time?? We sat at the beer stop for about 15 minutes and watcher AMTRAK park their trains by moving them pack and forth over the tracks, it was sorta annoying.
We finally finished the beer and proceeded to walk or jog back to the bar. Here many hashers enjoyed the $6 burger and pint special that the place offered. The Enema Canal got the circle going and we began to hand out punishment or down-downs. FRB was JUST KYLE our DFL was CUMS ON I LEAN, and or NRB was JUST JULIA. We greeted our virgins JUST TERENE, JUST KYLE, and JUST NICK, and said hello to a new transplant CORN STAR (TAMPA). The ENEMA CANAL kept the circle going and finally stopped it with the traditional Swing LOW!!!
Chicken Stiffer

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