CH3 #1543

Hare(s): $.69 Man & Virgin Banger
Venue: Czerwone Jabluszko (AKA Red Apple), 3121 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, 60618. The parking lot in the back is very small, so plan on street parking.
Hash Cash: $12, includes more Okocim beer than you can shake a stick at and the restaurant’s wonderful Polish buffet. Out at 7pm SHARPBEER: Keg of Okocim beer, as usual, will be provided by the Stanley Stawski Distributing Co., . Just remember that Okocim has a high alcohol content, so if you guzzle this like Miller Lite or water, you will get drunk.

DRESS: Wear an Okocim, or other Polish shirt (provided that it is not from a non-Stawski Polish beer). Perhaps we will get more shirts this year.

Trivia time-out: if you are on the south side of George St., the first house east of St. Hyacinth Basilica (with the large statue of Pope JP2), is the one used in the movie “Stir of Echoes.”

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit
From Lincoln Park/Lakeview: Red Line to Belmont, Belmont #77 bus to Hamlin (just before Milwaukee) hoof it South on Hamlin to Milwaukee and turn left (SE) about 1/2 block to da bar.
From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Blue Line to Belmont. Cut 1/2 block South to Barry and either hoof it like six blocks West to Milwaukee or hop the aforementioned Belmont #77 bus to Hamlin, as described above, if you’re in a lazy kinda mood.

Hop into your hooptie and cruise to just SE of Belmont & Milwaukee. Parking is ludicrously plentiful in Avondale and you may even be able to score a space in the restaurant’s lot out back. As Milwaukee is a diagonal street, the lot is kinda oddly-shaped in a sorta trapezoidal way.

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