CH3 #1538

Hare(s): Just I Lean & Other Unindicted Co-Conspirators
Venue: She-nannigan’s – 16 W Division
Hash Cash: Still only a mere $6 despite the US Air Force awarding the $35 billion airborne-refueling tanker contract to the Northrup-Grumman/EADS consortium’s A330-based offering over the CH-3’s half barrel-based tanker proposal.

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit
From Lincoln Park/Lakeview: Red Line to Clark/Division, hoof it 1 1/2 blocks East to da bar.
From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Blue Line to Division, Division #70 bus East to Dearborn, bar is between Dearborn and State.

Hop into your hooptie and cruise to your nearest Red Line stop and take the L. Cheep parking is about as easy to find as Jager bombs in Mecca. If you must drive, your best bet is West towards Cabrini Green where it thins out a bit, for obvious reasons.

2008 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle Hash Team results are up! We finished respectablly but as expected did not beat the running shoe store teams as those people are running fanactics. Too bad there isn’t a beer drinking competition because our hash team would have flipped them like a cheese omelette!
Despite the rain and cold at the postparty a good time was had by all thanks to more beer tickets than we could possibly drink (which is saying something given we are HASHERS! Mad props to returning free beer ticket harvesting Champion Or-G (also our fastest runner!) as well as Deputy beer coupon collectors Chicken Stiffer and Salty Gash. OMG I must have had at least nine myself at the postparty and the hash was the kill shot for my day!

Shamrock Shuffle Hash Team Individual Results (top two times for each sex will count for the team overall results so Or-G and I will probably be the two dudes and Chicken Stiffer and Muff will count for the bimbos).

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