Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1532

Hash Trash: 2/17/08
Hares: Calvin Klein and Batteries Not Included
Venue: Kelly�s Pub

VIRGINS: Just Steve
HASHER- Horn-e, R-Tard-E, Just Molly, Just Pat, Chicken Stiffer, Wrapper Snatcher, Ez on the Ass, Just Tom, Packher Arse, Just Stef, Mount Schwiiinga, Flying Hooters, Virtually Hung, Cumma Slutcha, Just Brian, Just Pat, Its Too Soft, Milk My Yak, Barks on all Fours, Rotten Whore, Peterbilt, Just I LEAN, Are they Real,

Those of you who missed the hash on Sunday missed 50-degree weather and very little rain. CALVIN and BATTERIES laid a live trail due to the possible rain showers, which never really materialized. The hash started from the fine Kelly�s Pub at 2:30 pm I explained the hash marks to our virgins and JUST STEVE seemed to understand the marks. After the quick explanation the hash was off. The trail went west and EZ ON THE ASS was finding and jumping into every puddle on trail. JUST I LEAN also was having fun on trail playing monkey boy. He was climbing up and over every fence and pole he could find. It was cute to see R-TARD- E and JUST STEF arm in arm walking the trail. Maybe we have a new hash couple? VIRTUALLY HUNG was the outright FRB today with ITS TOO SOFT snapping pictures to prove it. We welcomed back the WRAPPER SNATCHER who has made Chicago her home. PACKhER ARSE also came out to run today and she seemed to be finding trail easily today. The trail ran by
the 2122 N. Clark address where the Valentines Day Massacre occurred and eventually wound up at O-Malleys for the beer stop.
JUST TOM at the beer stop seemed to help EZ get the bartenders phone number she must have been blind. The pack was soon out of the bar and back at Kelly�s Pub where they ran into ROTTEN WHORE, PETERBILT, MILK MY YAK, and BARKS ON ALL FOURS. CALVIN soon got the circle going and called MOUNT SCHWIIIGA into the circle for wearing pink boots!! The Hash welcomed JUST STEVE into the CH3 family as well today. Hopefully we will see him back next week. CUMMA SLUTCHA was called into the circle for her constant chatter along with WRAPPER SNATCHER whose teeth were chattering from the cold. HORN-E was back in the corner with a hidden stash of beer along with SLUTCHA. CALVIN took mercy on us and ran a shorter than usual circle because we were outside and it was a little chilly out. We got back into the bar and got warm watching the Daytona 500. Soon the circle was reconvened and we had a naming to take care of. Several older hashers got together up front and discussed JUST
MOLLY�s name. Eventually ROTTEN WHORE suggested GIDDY UP and now we have a name for JUST MOLLY. Welcome to the hash GIDDY-UP!!