Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1527

Hash Trash: 1/13/08
Hares: Chicken Stiffer, Stupid man, Stab�em and Slab�em
Venue: Holiday Club

VIRGINS: Just Mike and Just Suse
HASHER- Just Rob, Sugar Nipples, Just Rob II, Calvin Klein, Just Alex, Are they Real, Nuttin Bitch, Just I Lean, Its Too Soft, Bloody Thighs, Lifa, Horn-e, Virtually Hung, Special Ed Giver, Just Tyrone, Princess Labia,

The Weekend actually started off on SATURDAY when PETERBILT, SHAVE MY WIFE PLEASE, ITS TOO SOFT, JUST JESSICA, JUST LARRY, ARE THEY REAL, PACKhER ASS, JUST ALEX, BALLSALOTPUS, and I watched the Packers play in the snow bowl and beat the Seahawks after giving up 14 1st quarter points. WHAT A GAME!!

The GM laid the trail live from the Holiday Club. I planned the trail with STUPID MAN who was to be our sweeper today. I warned him about the first check because the trail bent back on itself about 170 degrees. I was told By JUST ROB and CALVIN that it was a good check and seemed to catch most of the pack unawares. From here the trail ran back towards Wrigley and Graceland Cemetery since I was the hare I do not have many stories but I do know JUST I LEAN and JUST ROB II were complaining about some circle jerk that happened on trail. They told me it really sucked to be out in front of people like LIFA but soon found themselves at the back of the pack? JUST TYRONE was the one who burst through the crack house fence only to see it snap back on JUST ROB sorry but you got to keep your cranium up!! I waited at the beer stop and soon the pack arrived with CALVIN and JUST ROB leading the pack in. VIRTUALLY HUNG, earlier in the day, had ripped of the doorknob to his back gate
so many hashers got locked out of the beer stop until the proper keys arrived. JUST MIKE and JUST SUSE seemed to enjoy the run today now would they enjoy the beer? Everyone enjoyed the beer stop but HORN-E who seemed to have gotten lost once more, boy am I in for some poop. It must have been that terrible trail I laid that even the virgins found?
We got back to the bar and CALVIN ran circle. We said hello to long lost NUTTIN BITCH and SUGAR NIPPLES who have not hashed for about 1-year. STAB�em and SLAB�em snuck gyros into the bar and we sympathize with STUPID MAN whose knee went out. Hopefully he will be up and hashing in no time!! JUST ALEX was our NRB and LIFA drank his usual good beer much like MILK MY YAK!! PRINCESS LABIA showed up and was drinking Shirley temples today instead of beer. She says she was saving her strength for the hash cruise in a couple of weeks. BLOODY THIGHS purchased herself some new haberdashery, which looked great on her. While SPECIAL HEAD GIVER came straight from Hawaii to run with us today. After running the circle for a while hash pizza came and so we sang swing low. The last seen leaving the bar was ITS TOO SOFT, JUST TYRONE, and JUST I LEAN.