Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1524

Hash Trash: 12/23/07
Hares: Chicken Stiffer & Just I LEAN
Venue: Morgan’s

VIRGINS: Just Allison, Just Nick
HASHERS: Chicken Stiffer, Horn-e, Stupid Man, Prick of The Litter, Mud Sucker, Full Term

Boy after having a hash the weekend before of 114 hashers we had one of the smallest hashes this year today. Guess it was good we had Anthrax the weekend before. The weather was terrible with it being very cold but that didn’t stop us from hashing today. JUST I LEAN and I set a trail that ran through the UIC campus. PRICK of the LITTER was the FRB and he found trail cutting through the UIC football field. Eventual the pack made their way up the stairs to a local parking garage and we had our beer stop.

We made our way back to the bar where STUPID MAN was still eating and watching the bear game. FULL TERM agreed that the weather was frightful out today. WE did welcome JUST ALLISON to the hash with JUST NICK. She was very disappointed that she did not make the ANTHRAX hash the previous weekend but she did get an earful of songs from us today. Next weekend should be an eventful hash with JUST JONATHON and JUST I LEAN our hares.


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