Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1516

Hash Trash: 11/4/07 ASS FAMILY HASH
Hares: Lifa and Bloody Thighs
Venue: McKellians

VIRGINS: Just Dan, Just Justin, Just Tim
VISITORS: Gnome Nuts- Hagerstown Hash
HASHERS: Chicken Stiffer, Just Steve, Just Jonathan, At Your Cervix, One handed Typist, Its Too Soft, W�all Bangher, Horn-e, Erect da Red, Sir Poops A lot, Special Head, Are They Real, Stab�em and Slab�em, Just Jenn, Moldy Man Sac, Mount Me Puh�lzee, AssMan, Mudsucker, Virtually Hung, Coffee, Tea, or Me, Just Hannah

This hash was run out of the northern most Bar in Chicago, McKellians. Our hares were LIFA and BLOODY THIGHS, and they set two trails one for the turkeys and one for the eagles. They lead us in a quick circle and we were soon off on trail. Just Dan and Just Justin were out leading the pack even though they were virgins but that happens from time to time. About � mile into the trail we hit the turkey-eagle split and hashers like ARE THEY REAL, JUST STEVE, and JUST JONATHAN took the turkey split. ITS TOO SOFT and CHICKEN joined them as well because we were beat from celebrating the 30th anniversary in Madison. JUST JUSTIN and JUST MOLLY joined us for a great weekend in Wisconsin. The others like VIRTUALLY HUNG, MUDSUCKER and SIR POOPS A LOT took the eagle trail which ran by BLOODY THIGHS school and Trash mountain. The trail for the turkeys was lead by STAB�EM and SLAB�EM for most of the day and she had some help from JUST JENN as well. The trail for the turkeys led
to a park off of Western Ave. and ended on the sledding hill there. The pack was a little disappointed that they couldn�t find beer for ten-minutes but things worked out in the end when the Hares showed up with beer in ten-minutes. ARE THEY REAL had to be driven back to the on in so she could see the actually goats that were on trail. I followed ASSMAN back to the ON IN and we were informed by the bar owner that he had tons of meat for us to cook, now if we just had SUPER STUFFER to cook for us!! I lead the circle and tried to keep it short because there was food to be had. The FRB�s were MOLDY and STAB�EM and SLAB�EM. The DFL was ARE THEY REAL for she also auto hashed. JUST TIM was brought into the circle by MOUNT ME because this is the officer that wrote up the original ANTHRAX report that was touched off by ITS TOO SOFTS trail so we sang them Hash Tones. Remember the ANTHRAX hash is in a couple of weeks. We also eemed to have lost W�ALL BANGHER after the trail somewhere. JUST JENN, MOLDY, MOUNT ME and SPECAIL HEAD drank for being the REBOOTS. The circle was soon closed and we sang swing low. The hash made a dash for the grill outside where ARE THEY REAL was busy dropping hamburgers through the grill making blackened burgers. We really enjoyed seeing COFFEE with her little HANNAH at the hash. JUST JONATHAN and JUST STEVE are kicking around the idea of laying an ADD hash where we all take Adderal? Our visiting hasher GNOME NUTS stuck around for a while and had his dinner and now we have a contact in the Virginia area. SEE YOU ALL NEXT WEEK at he MISMANAGEMEN MEETING which starts at NOON!!