Fall Sunday Start Time Change

OFFICIAL CH3 Announcement from the GM:
Start time change for some Fall Sunday Hashes
Every year about this time the Chicago Hash begins to ready itself for the time change of the hash to SUNDAYS at 2 pm. Every year also the Bears seem to play at Noon on Sunday which causes many Hasher-Bear fans to miss the hash to watch the game. This year we are very lucky that many of the Bears games will be played at odd hours of the week and day. Hell 3 Bears games are being played on Thursday or Monday night which doesn’t conflict with Sundays at all.

There are three games the Bears will play at 3:15 pm Sunday so on those days and those days only we will move the Hash start time to 12:30 pm with the run going off at 1 pm. Those time changes are on OCT. 21, NOV. 11th, and DEC. 2. This time change will make a total of only 3 Bear games that will conflict with the usual Sunday hash until the end of December. Hopefully the time changes will help keep our attendance as high as it has been and allow our numerous Bear fans to enjoy the hash and their Bears (BEERS!!!)

Besides the hash could be killed if we try to run a circle and sing in a bar during the BEARS game!!

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