Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1506

Hash Trash: 8/27/07
Hares: At Your Cervix, Just Chris, and Mouthful of Meat
Venue: Blue Frog bar and Grille

VIRGINS: Just Jenn, Just Debra, Just Justin, Just Molly, Just Julie, Just Jarred, Just Kelly, Just Stephen, Just Lucy, Just Rob, Just Melissa, Just Marada, Just Amanda, Just Garth

HASHERS: Ez on the Ass, Virtually Hung, Lochness Cockster, Sex Luthor, Just Katherine, Chicken Stiffer, Two Tickets to pair thighs, Just Lori, Just Allen, Likes it on the Bottom, Salted Gash, Just Tom, Packher Arse, Just Patrick, Mount Schwiiinga, Cums in my Assfault, Boner Malfunction, Smell This, Anal Assault, Just Chris, Mudsucker, Odor Eater, Just Lauren, Black Widow, Flying Hooters, W’all Bangher, Horn-e, Rotten Whore, Its too Soft, Chip-n-dale, Just Joe

Virgins= 14
Total Hashers= 48

I guess the best name for this hash was attack of the virgins because we had 14 virgins and 48 total hashers for the virgin trail of Just Chris and At Your Cervix. The GM knew that many virgins had e-mailed that they were cumming, but I didn’t expect this many!! The venue was a perfect hash venue that seemed to be untouched by hares in the past years. I arrived and was quickly moved out of the POP meeting area by JUST LAUREN, SALTED GASH, PACKhER ARSE, LIKES IT ON THE BOTTOM, and JUST JULIE. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the POP hash on OCT. 13, 2007. I was kept busy collecting money and talking to the new people until the hash was ready to start. The hares of AT YOUR CERVIX, MOUTHFUL OF MEAT and JUST CHRIS gave us a chalk talk in the parking lot and seemed to do a creditable job because they didn’t lose any virgins on trail but they did manager to lose a few old hashers. The funniest comment of the night came from ROTTEN WHORE who said, “If you get lost look for the crane that was above the Blue Frog.” Problem was when you really looked around there were at least 4 cranes in the general area not to mention the other ones we ran around. The pack was off and the trail went north to division Street. JUST CHRIS for the first half of the trail did a great job keeping the FRB flag out in front. VIRTUALLY HUNG took the FRB spot and began to snoop out the trail. TWO TICKETS and CHIP-N-DALE also seemed to be out in front as well. The trail turned east and south after crossing Clark and Division and it was here where JUST PATRICK and I took the lead and found trail running down the strip of bars on Clark. On trail I got to meet people like BLACK WIDOW, JUST MOLLY, and JUST JARRED all of these people seemed to be enjoying the trail. The trail turned east again and hit Michigan Avenue, where JUST MOLLY and I found the long straight trail that made its way to the Water Tower across from the John Hancock building. Here I should have listened to JUST MOLLY who found trail going east , but I found trail going west and got most of the pack to follow me. Unfortunately we think that the American Girl store erased F or false mark in front of their store. The good news is that most of the pack eventually came back to the check and found true trail that ran to Lake Shore Drive with another straight away to Grand Avenue where we went left with JUST MELISSA and JUST LUCY leading the way in to the Beer stop. It was funny when the lifeguard at the Oak Street beach tried to tell us we can’t blow or whistles while running. I wonder what he did after I passed and 30 hashers with whistles ran behind me? We got to the beer stop, which was the deck of AT YOUR CERVIX, and most hashers made it except for HORN-E who got lost on trail. The 45 plus people enjoyed some beer and then took off running west to the bar about a mile away. JUST MARADA kept telling me how much fun he had along with JUST JULIE. The circle was formed after many hashers like MUDSUCKER stuffed their faces with free hotdogs from the bar. SMELL THIS called CHIP-N-DALE and I out for the FRB, and I believe JUST LORI for FBI? The circle ran for about minutes until the bartender Cliff loaded us up with free shots of whiskey. After the circle a game of flippy cup was stared by SEX LUTHOR, JUST STEPHEN, SMELL THIS, LIKES IT ON BOTTOM, and JUST LARUEN. Later still many hashers started to exchange shirts with each other. Overall this was one wild hash and great trail!!! Make sure you look at the pictures from ITS TOO SOFT for more elaborate visual proof of the fun times we had!!