Tale of the Trail – 1495

Tale of the Trail – Chicago Hash #1495 @ Rabbit’s

Hares: Rearloader & Horn-E
Venue: Rabbits Foster & Elston

VIRGINS: Just John
HASHERS: Lord Farque (Singapore Hash), Brother Love (San Juan), Pack her Arse, Just Kelly, Occupied, Chicken Stiffer, My Little Pony, Just Bessie, Sex Luthor, Happy Ass Grabber, Ez on the Ass, Canned Pussy, Just Jenn, Magnetic Muff, Just Lori, Just Joe, Virtually Hung, Lower Whackoff, Its Too Soft
Total Hashers= 20

The hash was billed as a thank you hash for Rearloader because he is retiring from the Chicago Hare-Razor job. We had 20 hashers show up to say thank you Rear for a job well done. The weather on Monday did not seem to diminish our pack. The trail started from Rabbits and went north with the typical FRB’s leading the way. HAPPY ASS GRABBER and MY LITLE PONY led the way with SEX LUTHOR close behind. The trail entered the woods near where the Highway crosses over the north fork of the Chicago River. The trail paralleled the golf course and JUST BESSIE and CHICKEN STIFFER took the easy way by running the golf course fairways instead of contending with tree branches on my 6-foot frame. The trail cut back west and EZ on the ASS barreled through all the barriers and brush in front of him. The path led us to the Beer stop where HORN-E was ankle deep in the river handing out beer. (a note to future hares if you are going to run the pack through water let us know before hand so we can bring proper attire and shoes. We have many new people in the hash now and they do not know to do this at certain venues.) MAGNETIC MUFF and most of the pack soon joined him for a beer. VIRTUALLY HUNG played the chivalrous part of guiding CP and JUST LORI to the meeting point.

The pack got their fill of beer and slogged back in wet shoes to RABBITS. The circle began outside and the VIRTUALLY HUNG lead the circle in giving out proper punishment for the hares. OCCUPIED and LORD FARQUE and BROTHER LOVE sang us whip it out at the ball game for the visitor song. JUST JOHN was welcomed as the virgin for the day. ITS TOO SOFT showed up in a collared shirt and was nailed for being a Non-Running wuss. A local denizen of Rabbits hit upon PACKER HER ARSE and JUST KELLY and he even wanted to buy JUST KELLY a condo and be a kept women. We were happy to see JUST JENN make it back to the hash as well. It has been nice to see LOWER WHACKOFF making it to the hash on a regular basis at the Chicago Hash again. He was a regular back when I first started hashing and was gone for a while. Well that is it for now as I sum this up from the SIN CITY HASH, which I am currently hashing with for 3 days. Last night we ran through major shiggy and ran along the east cliffs of the city that overlooks the OHIO RIVER. They even allowed the CHICAGO GM to run the circle last night and since they asked me back tonight I am going to guess that I did a decent job. ON OUT from CHICKEN STIFFER and hope to see you all at FUJI’s or at Mondays hash at 1400 block of West George.

Remember also 1500th hash on JULY 21st is fast approaching so pay up you wankers!


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