Mismanagement Positions Announcement

6/6/07 Chicago Mismanagement Personnel Announcements
Dow Jones Newswire – Chicago, IL

From The Office of the GM:

It is with sadness that I announce that Rear Loader has announced his intention to relinquish his mismanagement position and step down as Hareraiser for the Chicago Hash House Harriers to spend more time with his family and focus more of his efforts running the TH3 Hash group and spearhead development of fellow Axis of Evil affiliate hashes. On behalf of the Kennel of the Chicago Hash House Harriers I would like to personally thank Rear Loader for his contributions to the Chicago hash over the years and encourage hashers to come out when he sets trail 6/18/07 and thank him personally for all of the time he has contributed to our hash.

Based on our established Management Succession and Development program, it is with great pleasure that I announce that Batteries Not Included and Mouthful of Meat will be promoted the position of hareraiser for the CH3, replacing Rear Loader. Timetable is to complete this transition within the next week or so, in the meantime, we would appreciate your understanding during this transitional period.

As part of our ongoing restructuring efforts to streamline processes, reduce functional silos, drive out unnecessary costs and better align our corporate communications efforts with end-user client needs, the responsibility for the publication of the CH3 Hareline E-Mail will be now be consolidated with our existing Internet and Electronic Media Division, headed by our very own It’s Too Soft who currently runs both our website and digicam hash flash operations and has had previous communications experience as Deputy Assistant to the Information Minister of Iraq (until March 20, 2003). I welcome them to their mismanagement positions and hope to work with them in keeping the CH3 stocked with hares and updated harelines.

[Please be advised that despite this change, electrons will continue to be sourced from Exelon subsidiary ComEd honoring our existing long-term supply agreements.]

Please also note that due to ongoing technology platform backwards incompatibility issues, the CH3 Telephone Hotline will remain under the auspices of the CH3 Analog Communications Division as a standalone profit center, headed by Peterbuilt who also maintains a dual role as Special Consultant For Site-Prepared Foodservice Operations. Long term plans to integrate analog and digital operations pending “last mile” build-out of high speed fiber op in the Fall of 2032 have already been released in a separate announcement.

Finally, in demonstration of Mismanagement’s receptiveness to feedback from the Kennel and other key stakeholders, I would also like to announce that I have now also appointed all of members of the CH3 Mismangement as moderators of the CH3 yahoo group. They include Senior Vice President of The Weather Calvin Klein, newly promoted Hare Raisers Batteries and Mouthful of Meat, and Consigliere of Communications Its too Soft. They will have the ability to approve pending messages for you when I am away on vacation this summer and unable to check the Yahoo group, or share the blame if the content of your post conflicts with one of the 10,000 other hashes in Chicago and causes Horn-E to become upset.

I hope to see you at the Hash this Monday 6/11/07 at Beaumont’s 2020 N Halsted, 7pm. This hash will be a goodbye hash for Pussy Galore and I hope she shows.

Chicken Stiffer

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