Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1491

Tale of the Trail – Chicago Hash #1491 @ Dunn Inn

Hash Trash: 5/21/07
Hare: Magnetic Muff, Canned Pussy
Venue: Dunn’s Inn 3456 N. Pulaski

HASHERS: Just Kelly, 69-cent Man, Chicken Stiffer, Milk-My-Yak, Chip-n-Dale, Mount Schwinga, Just Carrie, Flying Hooters, Just Amy, Virgin Banger, Occupied, Pussy Galore, Erect-Da-Red, Smell This, Hot Pants, Horn-E, Just Jon, Just Jenny, Lower Whackoff, Spotted Cock, Mudsucker, Soar Balls, PeterBilt, Little Red Ride Me Good, Assflack???

VISITOR= Little Red Ride Me Good, Occupied

The hash began at Dunn’s Inn an Irish Bar on Pulaski just south of Addison. We were very happy to see three virgins return to the hash. JUST JON and JUST JENNY walked up just before we started hashing and JUST CARRIE made it with 15 minutes to spare, glad to see you back!!! The Hares gave a quick chalk talk and explained the marks to the visitor LITTLE RED RIDE ME GOOD, in from the DC hash. The Trail went north and it jogged west. The HASH FLAG was in the lead. CHIP-N-DALE also remained at the cranium of the pack most of the hash. FLYING HOOTERS was seen racing for her wine at the beer stop or should I say wine stop?? The trail crossed north of Addison and 69-CENT MAN found the true trail after a check meandering around a CPS elementary school. VIRGIN BANGER was heard more than seen huffing and puffing along the trail, I know he loves the warmer weather for the Asthma problem. The newbie’s plus MOUNT SCHWINGA and PUSSY GALORE were doing some serious check hanging near the expressway and Irving Park. The trail was found by CHICKEN STIFFER going west down Irving Park and crossed back over IP going south. The trail ran south and west through the tree lined neighborhoods and came to the Metra line. The trail went up and over the live line and entered a park through a break in the fence on the opposite side. ERECT-DA-RED hacked his way through the dense undergrowth with Viking like chopping motions. He cleared a path for hashers like MILK-MY-YAK and SPOTTED COCK to follow. The trail finally jogged towards familiar territory near the metra line and Belmont otherwise known as CP-Hood. The Beer stop was at the home of the beloved CP.

JUST AMY and JUST KELLY were talking about some big polish sausage that JUST AMY had the other night, whatever that was supposed to mean. A very cute 40 lbs bulldog visited the hash at this point but this was not a Big Dogs hash today??? LOWER WHACKOFF and JUST CARRIE were enjoying a fine lite beer and soon the pack was off again. Most of us simply went east on Belmont and then North on Pulaski to the ON-IN where we ran into HORN-E blowing his horn? The hash was treated to $6 pitchers and we even had visits from SMELL THIS and HOT PANTS who were waiting for us back at the bar. Later still were the DFL’s of PETERBILT, MUDSUKER, SOAR BALLS and even ASSFLACK snuck in through the back door?? SMELL THIS and I took over the duties of RA and proceeded to give out some down-downs for bad behavior. PUSSY GALORE got one for complaining it was too cold 80-degree weather come on!!! 69-cent MAN got one for pushing his geezer jock magazines, and numerous others were given out in the name of fun and the hash. The circle ended and SMELL THIS and the hash went off to try and get a piece.


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