CH3 #1489

Chicago Hash #1489

WHEN: 7:00 p. m. (CDT), Monday, May 7, 2007.

WHERE: Czerwone Jabluszko (AKA Red Apple), 3121 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, 60618, The parking lot in the back is very small, so plan on street parking.

HARES: $.69 Man and Virgin Banger.

BEER: Keg of Okocim beer, as usual, will be provided by the Stanley Stawski Distributing Co., . Just remember that Okocim has a high alcohol content, so if you guzzle this like Miller Lite or water, you will get drunk.

PRICE: If you eat the buffet: $1.00 (hash tax) + $8.49 (+ tax).
If you do not wish to eat: $6.00.

DRESS: Wear an Okocim, or other Polish shirt (provided that it is not from a non-Stawski Polish beer). Perhaps we will get more shirts this year.

PARTICULARS: We will have the chalk talk at 7:00, because they advertise a closing time of 9:00 p. m., and their kitchen staff doesn’t like to stay open any longer than is necessary. As long as we pay for the food and go through the self-serve cafeteria line prior to 9:00 p. m., they will let us eat it. Let’s work with them.

We should plan on leaving there around 9:45, and definitely be out of there by 10:00, so they can set their alarm. Those who want to stay out longer can go to Bialystok, 3653 W. Diversey Ave., where they have large $5 pitchers. The side streets out of Milwaukee Ave. are very complicated, so the easiest way is to proceed southeast on Milwaukee Ave. to the stoplight (Central Park), where you will make a right turn (southbound) to the next stoplight (Diversey), where you will make another right turn (westbound). The bar is on the south side of Diversey, east of Lawndale. The door is locked, so you must press the doorbell.

The buffet is excellent, ane at that price, it’s a bargain. They made the food that we bought when the venue was the St. Hyacinth School cafeteria, and everyone loved it. The only problem is that there wasn’t enough of it.

This is the ideal venue, due to the food, Polish atmosphere, and location. We tried to use it in previous years, but they wouldn’t let us bring in the keg, and they were too hard headed to realize that they would make $ on the food if they allowed us in.

When I learned that the Wrightwood Skewers and Cafe (last year’s venue) was out of business, I had to find another venue. Due to my previous rejections there (Red Apple), I would not have gone back, but a friend, who somewhat knew the owner, talked to a manager to get us in their reservations book. He explained that we would have the keg, but that they would make money on the food, as well as beer that we would buy once our keg was empty. Just to be sure that there was no doubt about the keg, I went there myself and said the same thing. I then had the manager write her name on the back of the business card so that I can tell people who I talked to in case there is any problem.

As for the circle, we may want to do it in their small parking lot, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.

$.69 Man

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