Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1481

Chicago Hash #1481
March 11, 2007
Visitor: Pied Piper
Attendees: Sugar Nipples, Canned Pussy, Batteries not Included, Calvin Klein, Virtually Hung, Chicken Stiffer, Bloody Thighs, Pussy Galore, Horn-e, Rear Loader, Magnetic Muff, Pardon My Flaps, Bloody Diarrhea, Just Ramsey, and Just Gunner,

PUKE SUIT RIOT laid one of Chicago’s best trails in a long time and it was live too!!! The day was so beautiful that we didn’t mind starting around 2:40 pm after giving the hare a 10-minute hare start. The trail started off south and wound through the neighborhoods west of the tracks, Roscoe Village I believe. The Hash flag was up front for most of the day with Chicken Stiffer doing the honors of carrying it. Props have to be given to VIRTUALLY HUNG for dragging around a dog all day long or was JUST GUNNER dragging him?? The trail came to a check and SUGAR NIPPLES kept calling are you? Are you? And a Chicago resident asked are you what?? Well he was no hasher!! The trail went west and came to a check near Ashland and Ravenswood. CHICKEN went south and was soon DFL but PUSSY GALORE and BLOODY THIGHS found the trail going north. I was surprised that the canine patrol of SINGLE WIDE MOBILE HO & JUST RAMSEY with PARDON MY FLAPS & BLOODY DIARRHEA were not able to sniff out this trail. I guess the dogs are not bloodhounds. The trail kept going north and soon CHICKEN was back with the pack and changed status from DFL to FRB again weird this was. HORN-e and VIRTUALLY HUNG were off on a wild goose chase up near the corner of Lincoln and Damen. Its not a bad place to get lost though with several German Brauhaus in the area one would never go thirsty!! About this time REAR LOADER showed up but in a car. He tried to run down an unnamed hasher. The pack also saw HARRY MANHOLE on trail he has not been back with us from sometime. Maybe next week he said.

The pack found the beer stop under the el-tracks near Irving Park Road, this was welcome relief for the thirsty pack. PUKE SUIT was given a few more minutes to lay trail out but I believe most of the pack bailed on him and ran straight back to the house. The FRB for the day was BLOODY THIGHS. Back at the house the Pack was treated to numerous goodies and plenty of beer. We also were witness to numerous dog porno scenes because JUST GUNNER mounted BLOODY DIARRHEA and began to give him the business. I hope BD isn’t scared for life. Our trusty RA CALVIN KLEIN ran the circle. The most interesting accusation of the day was BATTERIES apparent lack of electrical expertise because when she installed her ceiling fan the light goes on when you turn on the microwave and the fan starts when you turn on the TV, and she is an Electrician?? Well have a good week everyone and remember next week is GREEN DRESS in St. Louis and I still have a few rooms left for anyone to join us. Looks like we have 18 Chicago hashers going to join 120 other hashers in the BIG-HUMP.

Chicken Stiffer