1500th Haring Committee

Calling All Hares,

The 1500th committee is asking for volunteers to hare for the July 21st CH3 1500th Hash. If you think you have the ears to hare this momentous event then please submit your name and be counted. Those people that submit their names to hare this event will be asked to comply with a few requirements.

1. The hare will have to lay trail from the venue designated by the committee.
2. The hare will have overall charge of the trail but needs to show a general outline of their trail to the 1500th committee at a minimum 2 weeks before the event. The committee does NOT want to control the trail but needs to see that planning has occurred.
3. The Hare may hire any Co-Hares he or she wishes to help lay trail.
4. The Hare will help the committee decide where and how many beer stops will be on the trail.

Those people that submit their names to hare will be place on a ballot or poll. The entire membership of the CH3 will then vote whom they would like to hare for this date. We have a lot of great hares out there so please give this careful consideration.

Chicken Stiffer