Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1474

1.21.07 HASH TRASH for #1474

The day started off right with a 1-2 inch base of snow hitting the Chicago land area
overnight giving the hash a white blanket to run through on Sunday. ITS TOO SOFT and I
took the Green line to 63rd and Cottage Grove and then walked to STUPID MANS AND
STAB’EM and SLAB’EMS place. That was a different experience I recommend everyone
should try ONCE!! The hash began soon after we arrived and SMELL THIS gave us a quick
chalk talk. Didn’t we learn from Thursdays hash that light blue powder doesn’t work well
in snow?? Within three blocks from the hash we were lost and the cops had already
stopped us to ask what the hell we were doing? To which we answered Hashing of
course!!! LIFA and STAB’EM caught wind of the trail that went through a local playground
and the hash was back on trail. We were soon lost again within two blocks but this time
CHICKEN STIFFER who was out ranging found trail behind a grade school that lead us up to
some railroad tracks. HORN-e took over the lead here and found that the trail headed
east under a viaduct.
The pack kept going east and south until we hit a check by a south side church and
the hash was regaled with some gospel music exploding through the walls of this place of
worship. SPECKIE looked off in the distance and spied McDonalds and due to his hunger
gravitated towards it, which ironically was the correct way of the trail. The hash crossed
the street and was led into Jackson Park by VIRTUALLY HUNG. A few minutes later the
pack found the first beer stop next to the pussy tree which BONER had to point out to the
whole hash. CP and JUST KELLY caught up with us here and we finished off a 12 pack in
the woods of Jackson Park. The trail craniumed east and towards the Golden Lady of the
1893 Worlds fair designed by Daniel Burnham. BLOODY THIGHS and GOLDEN kept pace
with the rest of the pack now, but at the Golden lady the trail went cold. CHIP’N DALE
went east LIFA west and CHICKEN north and 5-minutes later we all went north across the
bridge and over the lagoon John Olmstead designed back in 1892. Here we ran by the
Japanese island and cast our foot prints in pristine snow smudged only by our hares hours
earlier. The hash swept by the south end of the Museum of Science and Industry, which
was the Art Museum in 1893 Worlds Fair. The trail lead us to the 2nd beer stop at
STAB’EMs old place. We climbed four flights of stairs to an apartment that over looked the
park and enjoyed our next beer. We climbed our way down out of the place but
VIRTUALLY HUNG decided to try and leave through another door silly rabbit!!
The Hash made it back to the ON IN and plopped down in front of the TV to watch
south from the north side to watch the Bears. The half ended with the BEARS up 16-7 and
we had a power circle that lasted 10 minutes. The hash followed trail back upstairs to the
TV and a BEARS win but the no the circle was not over yet. After the game we brought the
lone packer fan, SMELL THIS into the circle to degrade his sorry ass. We also had a naming
this night. JUST KELLY due to her open fly is now known as “OPEN FOR BUSINESS. See you
all next week.